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Sunday Jan 17
TV ONEch 1
3:05 Infomercials
5:30 Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef
TV2ch 2
2:50 My Wife and Kids
Claire teaches Michael a lesson for jumping to conclusions, and Junior accidentally gives Kady his dog's medicine.
4:20 2 Overnight
TV3ch 3
1:15 Infomercials
5:00 Brian Houston
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a half-Hour Christian television program that features Brian's teaching from the Hillsong Church services in Sydney, Australia
11:40 Māori Television
Māori Television specialises in the stories of Aotearoa. be entertained and informed with news, current affairs, sports, drama, documentaries and much more. Go to www.Maoritelevision...
6:30 Waiata Mai
Our four loveable puppet baby birds in Te Wao Nui o Tāne have gathered in the forest to learn and play. What waiata will we sing today?
PRIMEch 10
12:25 Closedown
PG Prime's regular programming returns at 6am with the best drama, factual, lifestyle and comedy shows, plus free-to-Air sport! Check out for details.
6:00 Music and the Spoken Word
Religious Programme
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