New Zealands Favourite Free TV Guide
Wednesday Jan 18
TV ONEch 1
8:00 Jo Frost Family Matters
Jo Meets the Kimber Family, Mother Carla is at Her Wits Ends with Regards to Her 16 Year Old Son Jacob.
9:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show
Comedian and Host Ellen Degeneres Brings Her Unique Brand of Humour to Her Emmy Award-winning Talk-show. with Special Guest Jimmy Fallon.
TV2ch 2
7:50 Kung Fu Panda
8:15 Disney Junior: The Lion Guard
TV3ch 3
8:00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Four Pizza-loving Turtles Use Their Martial-arts Skills to Battle Villains in This Animated Series.
8:30 Sticky TV
If You're Looking for An Summer Holidays Party Then Sticky TV is the Place to Be. be Careful This Show is Very 'sticky' and You May Get Glued to the Screen!
8:00 Miharo
Designed to Inspire Enquiring Minds, Miharo is Pacy, Colourful and Jam-packed with Questions and Answers. (r)
8:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (r)
PRIMEch 10
8:05 Endangered Species
Pickle the Adrenaline-junkie Bunny, Merl the Safety-conscious Squirrel, and Gull the Lovingly-naive Seagull Keep Finding Themselves in Funny, But Dangerous, Situations!
8:30 Sanjay and Craig
The Always Odd, and Often Gross, Adventures of a Young Boy Named Sanjay Patel and His Talking Pet Snake Craig.