New Zealands Favourite Free TV Guide
Friday Mar 24
TV ONEch 1
7:00 Seven Sharp
Join the Seven Sharp Team as They Present the Stories of the Day from Around New Zealand.
7:30 Location Location Location
Kirstie Helps Andy and Jenny Find Their First Home Near Warrington. and Phil Helps Businesswoman Margot Find a Forever Home in Seaside Town of Crosby.
8:30 A Place to Call Home
S4 E3 When Sarah and Roy Go to Sydney to Deal with Sgt Taylor's Accusation, She Finds More Than She Bargained For. Can Carolyn Admit the Truth to Elizabeth?
9:35 Coronation Street
Tracy Gets Serious with Robert But is in for An Unpleasant Surprise. Tim Has a Proposal for Sally. Bethany is Duped By Callum.
10:35 1 News Tonight
11:05 Nashville
S3 E11, E12 Rayna and Luke Struggle with Calling Off Their Wedding, While Juliette and Avery Settle Into Their New Life Together.

12:50 Te Karere
Te Karere Brings You Key Events and Stories of Interest to Maori, as Well as Bringing a Maori Perspective to the Day's News and Current Affairs.
1:15 Infomercials
6:00 Te Karere
Te Karere Brings You Key Events and Stories of Interest to Maori, as Well as Bringing a Maori Perspective to the Day's News and Current Affairs.
6:30 Hyundai Country Calendar
Heads Above Water: the Biggest Flood in the Recorded History of the Waitotara Valley, Near Wanganui, Hasn't Put a Couple Off Their Dream of Taking Full Ownership of Their Leased Sheep and Beef Farm.
7:00 Rural Delivery
Building Traceability for Manuka Honey at Barton Holdings. Maximising Productivity Opportunities Through Deer Industry Projects at Forest Road Farm. and Mushroom Production at Meadow Mushrooms.
7:30 Infomercials
9:00 Tagata Pasifika
Keep Up-to-date with Live News and Current Affairs from New Zealand's Pacific Island Communities.
9:30 Coach Trip
Unexpected Talent is Revealed When the Tourists Paint the Beautiful Stone Bridge at Arta in Greece, But One Couple Are in for the Brush-off at the Vote.

12:00 Coronation Street
Leanne Faces Yet More Trouble at Home. Can Liz Forgive Tony? Steve Doesn't Want to Say Goodbye to Rover.
2:00 Instant Gardener
This Week, the Team Are Keen to Help An Urban Community Farm in Southampton Create a Sheltered Seating Area, Complete with Fire Pit for Marshmallow Toasting.
3:00 Vet Tales
Mark Tries to Save a Girl's Pet Lamb, Stacey Treats Max Who Has Bad Arthritis and Both Mark and Stacey Volunteer for the Day at SPCA.
3:30 Renovation King
When Pete and Helena Moved Into Their Beautiful Heritage Home, the Only Fly in the Ointment Was the Unsightly Laundry. It's Now Up to Barry to Bring it Into Line with the Rest of the House.
4:00 Monster Fish
Season Finale: Deep in the Rainforest of Nicaragua, Zeb Hogan is on a Mission to Track Down a Powerful Predator- the Giant Tarpon.
5:00 Ultimate Fishing with Matt Watson
Matt Goes to a Surf Beach in Summer on a Mission to Uncover the Extent of Big Sharks That We Share the Water with in the Shallows.

6:00 1 News
The Nation's Leading Team of Journalists Brings Viewers the Latest News and Sport, Plus the Most Comprehensive Weather Report.
7:00 Outback Pilots
Power Line Pilots Alex and Mick Battle High Winds and High Voltage Power-lines.
8:00 Lotto
TV2ch 2
7:00 Shortland Street
Jack Refuses to Impose. Ali Loses Hope. Frank and Kylie Lose An Innocent.
7:30 The Middle
S7 E7 Frankie's Mom Decides to Join Her in the Annual Homecoming Tailgate and Ends Up Embarrassing Her. Meanwhile, Sue Volunteers to be the Class Liaison for Homecoming at the Event.
8:00 Take Me Out
Crazy Cupid Paddy Mcguiness Presents the Dating Show Where He Tries to Find 30 Single Girls a Date - and Hopefully in the Process the Man of Their Dreams.
9:10 First Dates UK
Can Metrosexual Jon Find Headstrong Mancunian Regan's Soft Side? Playboy Mustafa Believes Every Girl Would Like to Marry Him. and Opinionated Heavy Metal Fan Dan Returns to the Restaurant.
10:10 Distraction
Hosted By Comedian Jimmy Carr, Distraction is the Game Show That Combines Ridiculously Simple Trivia Questions with Hilarious Concentration-breakers.
10:40 Two and a Half Men
S8 E12 When Charlie and Courtney Break Up, Charlie Falls Into a Depression and Goes to See His Psychiatrist.
11:10 Cougar Town
S1 E16 Laurie's Free-spending Mother Shows Up Just as She Prepares to Buy a House and Needs a Co-signer. Meanwhile, Bobby is Teased After He is Robbed By a Woman.
11:40 2 Broke Girls
S5 E8 Max and Caroline Interfere with a Basketball Game in An Attempt to Promote Their Cupcakes, But the Chaos That Ensues Threatens to Ruin Their Business' Reputation.

12:05 Scrubs
S6 E4 Jd and Kim Start Contemplating About Their Future and Their Baby's Future.
12:30 Less Than Perfect
S1 E6 When Claude Finds Herself Competing with Lydia, Ramona Drags Her to a Stripper Class to Boost Her Self-confidence.
12:55 Shortland Street
Jack Refuses to Impose. Ali Loses Hope. Frank and Kylie Lose An Innocent.
1:25 Infomercials
2:20 Resurrection
S1 E4 Bellamy and Sheriff Fred Investigate a Murder; and Pastor Tom Tends to the First Returned.
3:05 Shameless
S6 E1 Frank is Still Mourning the Loss of Bianca, While His Newfound Appreciation for Life is Freaking the Gallaghers Out.
4:00 How to Get Away with Murder
S1 E13 Annalise is Wracked with Guilt and Turns to An Unlikely Source for Help. Meanwhile, Bonnie Must Step Up and Represent a New Client Accused of Rape.
4:45 The Adam and Eve Show
Adam & Eve Get Life Advice from Youtuber Chase vs Everything, We Go Head to Head in An Epic Adam vs Eve Challenge, and We Debut a Musical Performance in Studio You Won't Want to Miss!
5:10 Neighbours
Elly Tries to Expose Finn. Amy Thwarts Paul's Scheming. Tyler and Piper Suffer a Huge Setback.
5:35 Good Luck Charlie
Ten Years in the Future, 14 Year-old Charlie Watches a Video Diary That Teddy Made About a Fight She Had with Gabe, in Hopes That it Will Guide Her Through Her Fight with An 11 Year-old Toby.
6:00 Blaze and the Monster Machines
6:25 Thomas & Friends
6:35 Maia the Brave
6:45 The Furchester Hotel
6:55 Thunderbirds Are Go!
7:20 Transformers Rescue Bots
7:45 Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
8:10 Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
8:35 Marvel's Avengers Assemble
9:00 Pickle & Peanut
Pickle and Peanut Get Hooked on Free Samples of Crossbow Body Spray. the Boys Use Their Van to Start a Luxury Car Service.
9:25 Clarence
Clarence's First Night Home Alone Spirals Out of Control, Forcing Clarence and His Pals to Wage War Against Their Own Home Security Measures.
9:35 Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything
S1 E11 in An Attempt to Win Pranktube's Annual 'most Viewed Prank' Contest, Conor and Ashley Pull the Prank of the Century on Franklin.
10:00 Fresh
This Week Fresh Comes to You from Hawkes Bay at Te Matatini Kapahaka Nationals 2017! Learn About the World of our Host - Ex-nrl Star and TV Personality Wairangi Koopu.
10:30 Cupcake Wars
Returning: Four Vegan Competitors Will Battle it Out for the Opportunity to Serve Their Cupcakes at An Exclusive Party for Iconic Television Star and Guest Judge Fran Drescher's Charity.
11:25 The Fosters
New Season: S4 E1 Tensions Run High as Stef and Lena Are Called to Action When the School is Put on Lockdown After It's Discovered That Mariana's Boyfriend Nick Brought a Gun on Campus.

12:25 Pretty Little Liars
S7 E6 the Rosewood P.D. Begins to Unravel the Liars' Cover-up, Which Leads Them to Question Rollins' Death Altogether.
1:20 My Kitchen Rules
You're Invited to the Instant Restaurant of Wollongong's Mell & Cyn. These Business Women Are Ready to Clinch the Deal But This is No Ordinary Day at the Office.

6:00 The Simpsons
S27 E14 Professor Frink's New Invention Turns Him Into a Ladies' Man, While a New Pill at the Springfield Retirement Castle Causes Grandpa to Hallucinate Back to His Happiest Moments.
6:30 The Middle
S2 E22 as Prom Quickly Approaches, Axl Text-invites the Wrong Girl and Wants to Weasel Out - But Frankie and Mike Force Him to Do the Right Thing.
7:00 The Nut Job
Go Nuts for This Hilarious Family Adventure About a Mischievous Squirrel Who Leads a Team of Woodland Creatures on a Mission to Find the Tastiest Nuts for Winter.
8:45 All New the Simpsons
S28 E4 Mr. Burns Introduces a Hunger Games-style Contest in Which Springfield's Children Fight Each Other for a Day.
TV3ch 3
7:00 The Project
Hosted By Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson, the Project Combines News and Entertainment to Provide Audiences An Intelligent, Informative and Engaging Mix of the Stories That Matter.
8:00 The Graham Norton Show
New Episode. on Graham's Sofa Are Annette Bening; Former Spiderman Andrew Garfield; British Mp Harriet Harman; and Rising British Star Asa Butterfield. Plus, Music from Elbow. S20 Ep17
9:00 7 Days
New Episode. Jeremy Corbett Referees as Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Rhys Mathewson, Claire Hooper, Leigh Hart and Josh Thomson Dissect the Week's News.
9:45 Fail Army
New Episode. Presented By Kiwi Comedians Joseph Moore and Guy Montgomery, Fail Army Features Funny Pranks and Compilations of the Web's Best Fails, But on Your TV.
10:15 Newshub Late
Newshub Late is a Late-night Mix of News, Entertainment and Pop Culture.
10:45 Bob's Burgers
New Episode. Linda Jumps at the Chance to Chaperone Tina's Weekend Away at a Heroine Conference, But Tina's New Friend Could Put Linda's Perfect Weekend in Jeopardy. S7 Ep13
11:15 American Dad
The Family is Separated After a Ship Explodes. Stan and Francine Lose Their Memories and Must Live on An Island, and Roger and Steve Try to Survive on a Lifeboat. S12 Ep16
11:40 The Project
Hosted By Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson, the Project Combines News and Entertainment to Provide Audiences An Intelligent, Informative and Engaging Mix of the Stories That Matter.

12:35 Infomercials
6:00 Charles Stanley
6:30 Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge
When the Evil Warstar Aliens Attack Earth, the Supernatural Guardian Gosei and His Faithful Robot Assistant Tensou Recruit Five Teenagers with Attitude to Combat the Invading Forces.
7:00 Turbo Fast
A Misfit Snail Gains the Power of Super-speed After a Freak Accident Infuses Him with Nitrous Oxide.
7:30 Infomercials
9:30 The Nation
Hosted By Lisa Owen, the Nation is An In-depth Weekly Current Affairs Show Focusing on the Major Players and Forces That Shape New Zealand.
10:30 Come Dine with Me NZ
It's Day Two of This Week's Dinner Parties and Tonight Mo Will be Serving Up Some Healthy Competition at Her 'you Yourself and I' Themed Party. S1 Ep2
11:00 Wedding Town
New Episode. This Episode's Weddings Include Mick and Glenda, Who Met on a Dating Website Two Years Ago, and Jayne and Martin Who Tie the Knot in An Elaborate Medieval-themed Celebration. S1 Ep7
11:30 America's Next Top Model
The Models Struggle During An Acting Challenge. Later, the Guys and Girls Are Paired Up for a Sexy Commercial at the Beach, But Jealousy Runs Rampant and Some Chemistry Falls Flat. S22 Ep7

12:25 The Bachelor NZ
New Bachelor Zac Franich Meets the 19 Bachelorettes Who Are All Vying to Make a Strong First Impression. Who Will Make Her Mark? S3 Ep1
2:30 Fresh Off the Boat
Emery Asks Louis to Help Write His Graduation Speech. Meanwhile, Eddie's Girlfriend Tries to Impress Jessica. S2 Ep23
3:00 New Girl
New Episode. Jess Runs Away from Her Feelings for Nick By Heading to Portland to Take Care of Her Dad. S6 Ep20
3:25 The Goldbergs
Erica and Lainey Try to Find Bill a Love Match Using Some New Dating Technology and Adam's Fillm-making Skills. S4 Ep2
3:55 Grand Designs UK
Can a Pair of First Timers Really Turn a Cowshed Into a Warm, Cosy Home By Learning Everything from the Internet? Kevin Mccloud Visits An Extraordinary Build in Somerset. S13 Ep3
4:55 The Hunt
Sir David Attenborough Narrates. the Hunt Looks at Hunting in the Arctic, the Most Seasonal Place on Earth. to a Predator, Seasonal Change Means the Hunt Changes Too. S1 Ep2

6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm Presents Comprehensive Coverage of Global and Local News.
7:00 How to Train Your Dragon
A Hapless Young Viking Who Aspires to Hunt Dragons Becomes the Unlikely Friend of a Young Dragon Himself, and Learns There May be More to the Creatures Than He Assumed. (2010)
8:55 The Jackal
When a Deadly and Faceless International Assassin Eludes the Best Efforts of the Fbi, They Must Turn to the Only Man Who Has Ever Seen Him - An Imprisoned Ira Terrorist. Starring Richard Gere. (1997)
7:00 Kawe Kōrero - Reporters
We Go Inside the Newsroom as the Reporters Dissect and Discuss the Day's News and Events.
7:30 Matau
A Show About Three Young Tane Throughout Northlands Far North Fishing for Knowledge, and Fishing for Kai. Tonight, Team Matau Attempt to Net a Kai Outside Their Rawhiti Home After a Cyclone. (rp)
8:00 Total Combat
Get Your MMA and Boxing Fix and Adrenaline Hit with Total Combat, Where Fighters Will Battle it Out to Become the Total Combat Champion, in An All-action Elimination Tournament.
8:30 Born to Dance
(ao) Coming of Age Tale Told Through the Eyes of 'tu', An Ambitious Young Man from Auckland Who Dreams of Being a Professional Hip-hop Dancer. Stars Stan Walker, Tia Maipi and Kherington Payne.
10:00 Iti Pounamu
(ao) NZ Short Films: Tonight: Jimmy, a Big-hearted 14-year-old is Facing a Difficult Decision '
10:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (r)
11:00 Kawe Kōrero - Reporters
We Go Inside the Newsroom as the Reporters Dissect and Discuss the Day's News and Events.
11:30 Māori Television
Māori Television Specialises in the Stories of Aotearoa. be Entertained and Informed with News, Current Affairs, Sports, Drama, Documentaries and Much More. Go to Www.maoritelevision.com for More Inf

6:30 Pūkoro
Join Tama, Hine, Pepi and the Pūkoro Crew, as They Sing, Act, Dance, and Explore Their Way Through the Universe. (r)
7:00 The Zoo
A Behind-the-scenes Look at the Highs and Lows of Life for the Keepers and Animals of Auckland Zoo. (r)
7:30 Dora Mātātoa
Join Dora the Explorer and Her Friends as They Go on Adventures to Explore the World. Dubbed in Te Reo Māori. (r)
8:00 Pūkana
Award Winning Children's Television Show Pukana is Back with Their New Presenters, Puawai Taiapa and Makaira Berry. (r)
8:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (r)
9:00 Swagger
Taiohi Tell Their Stories Using the Latest Smartphone Technology. Today: Nat Farewells Raro and Kale Goes for the Number 8. (r)
9:30 Kai Time on the Road
Marae from All Around Te Arawa Pull Teams Together to Find the Best Food Gatherers and Cooks Within Their Communities. (r)
10:00 Kawe Kōrero - Reporters
We Go Inside the Newsroom as the Reporters Dissect and Discuss the Day's News and Events. (r)

12:30 Marngrook Footy Show 2017
An Award-winning Sport Panel Show That Provides a Weekly Round-up of AFL Football Matches, Featuring Interviews with Players and Commentators.
2:00 The Pits TV
Speedway Racing from Tracks Around New Zealand - Covering Multiple Classes.
3:00 2017 National Basketball League
Delayed Coverage of the 2017 National Basketball League.
4:30 Holden Golf World 2017
Hosted By Mark Leishman and Laura Mcgoldrick, the Magazine Style Series Visits the World's Most Exclusive Golfing Destinations and Brings the Biggest Golfing Personalities Into New Zealand Homes.
5:00 Koroua
Koroua Wiremu, 80, and His Wife Kuia Jossie Enlighten Us with His Extraordinary Teaching Career of Over Forty Years and the Task of Translating the Company C Story.

5:30 Waka Huia 2015
Te Raumoa Kawiti (ngati Hine), the Great Great Grandson of Chief Te Ruki Kawiti, Shares Tales of War, Courage and Hardship.
6:00 Ngā Pari Kārangaranga
An Authentic Collection of Distinctive Kōrero from Around the Motu, Made for the Iwi, By the Iwi. Tonight: Mai Maketu Ki Tongariro (rp)
6:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (r)
7:00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Trilogy. Four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Take on the All-important Job to Protect New York City from a Mob of Criminal Ninjas.
8:45 Fantail
(ao) She Works the Graveyard Shift at Horizon to Save Money to Take Her Brother PI to Surfers. But One Night a Cheeky Little Bird Ruins Everything and Tania Pays the Ultimate Price for Being a Hero. (
PRIMEch 10
7:00 The Crowd Goes Wild
Want Your Sports News Delivered with Extra Cheek, Minus the Dullness? Join the Team as They Present the Best of the Day's Sports News.
7:30 Scorpion
S3 Ep10. Walter Must Swim Through the Deadly LA Brea Tar Pits, as Team Scorpion Helps Free a Trapped Woman Before She Runs Out of Oxygen.
8:30 NCIS: New Orleans
S3 Ep10. Pride Must Protect a Family Friend Who is Engaged to the Lead Suspect in An Ongoing NCIS and FBI Cartel Case.
9:30 Inside Story
The Stories of Two Teenagers Who Were Brutally Murdered By Peers of the Same Age, All Captured in Vivid Detail on Camera. (r)
10:30 Macgyver
S3 Ep10. When the Young Prodigy of Macgyvers' Favourite Science Teacher is Kidnapped, Mac Attempts to Rescue Her Using Only Pliers and Speaker Wire. (r)
11:30 The Tonight Show
Take Your Seat with Jimmy Fallon and His Celebrity Line-up! Tonight's Guests Include Anthony Anderson, Rhett & Link and Musical Guest Migos.

12:30 The Crowd Goes Wild
Join the Crowd Goes Wild Team as We Look Back on Some of the Finest (and Potentially Not-so-fine) Sports News Moments. (r)
1:00 Prime
Prime's Regular Programming Returns at 6am with the Best Drama, Factual, Lifestyle and Comedy Shows, Plus Free-to-air Sport! Check Out Primetv.co.nz for Details.
6:00 The Fairly Oddparents
A 10-year-old Boy is Put Under the Care of Two Fairy Godparents Who Can Grant Him Almost Any Wish. Some Wishes Are Really Helpful, While Others Don't Work Out So Well.
6:25 Sanjay and Craig
The Always Odd, and Often Gross, Adventures of a Young Boy Named Sanjay Patel and His Talking Pet Snake Craig. (r)
6:50 Shimmer and Shine
Follow the Magical Adventures of Twin Genies Shimmer and Shine, Unintentionally Creating Chaos While Attempting to Grant Wishes for Their Human Best Friend, Leah! (r)
7:15 Monsters vs Aliens
The Adventures of Susan and Her Monster Friends in Area Fifty-something, Defending the Earth from Various Alien and Supernatural Threats.
7:40 Kid vs Kat
Coop's Life is Turned Upside-down When His Little Sister Brings Home a Stray Cat, But Coop is Convinced That the Cat is An Alien Bent on Taking Over the World! (r)
8:05 Avatar: The Last Airbender
The World is Divided Into Four Nations, Each Represented By a Natural Element, and Only the Avatar Can Master All Four Elements to Save the World from the Fire Nation. (r)
8:30 Endangered Species
Pickle the Adrenaline-junkie Bunny, Merl the Safety-conscious Squirrel, and Gull the Lovingly-naive Seagull Keep Finding Themselves in Funny, But Dangerous, Situations! (r)
9:00 Victorious
Aspiring Singer Tori Vega Navigates Life While Attending a Performing Arts High School Called Hollywood Arts. Starring Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande.
9:55 Masterchef Junior USA
The Culinary Kids' Food Knowledge is Put to the Test, Plus It's An Intense Sushi Tag Team Challenge and Only the Eight Sharpest Kids Will Advance to the Next Round. (r)
10:55 Masterchef USA
The Home Cooks Face Their First Team Challenge of the Season at An Amusement Park. Each Team is Tasked with Creating a Burger and Fish and Chips Dish for Thousands of Amusement Park Guests. (r)

12:00 NRL Fulltime
Tune in to Catch All the Highlights from the NRL Telstra Premiership.
12:30 The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus
Want Your Sports News Delivered with Extra Cheek, Minus the Dullness? Join the Team as They Present the Week's Best of the Day's Sports News. (r)
2:30 Britain's Biggest Superyachts
With Access to Uk's Largest Superyacht Builder, Sunseeker, This Documentary Reveals That It's not Plain Sailing When Engineering Luxury for the Rich. (r)
3:30 Fishing and Adventure
Scott and Mig Join a Few Locals and Head Up to the Top of the Coromandel to Fish for Big Snapper Off the Rocks. It's An Action Packed Day and Some Huge Fish Are Caught. (r)
4:00 English Premier League
Prime Looks at the Best Bits of the Week's English Premier League Games, with Highlights of England's Top Division Football Teams Battling it Out to be the Champions.
5:00 ADOS Addicted to Fishing
The Snapper Are Safe as Nicky Takes a Step Out of the Boat and Into the River, as She Masters the Art of Freshwater Fly Fishing.

5:30 Prime News
Join the Prime News Team for the Latest from New Zealand and Across the Globe, First at 5.30pm.
6:00 Life Force
Discover How Forces of Nature, Through Sheer Power of Evolution, Shaped Life in All Its Unexpected and Glorious Forms and Filled our Planet with Amazing Diversity. (r)
7:00 Storage Wars: Canada
Big-time Buyer Jeff Gardner Returns for An Auction in Orillia, But What He's Really Interested in is Ursula. (r)
7:30 Antiques Roadshow
Susan Rumfit Hears About a Diamond Brooch Found Hidden Inside a Barometer, and Jon Baddeley Reveals the True Purpose of a Curious Piece of Carved Wood.