New Zealands Favourite Free TV Guide
Saturday Dec 10
TV ONEch 1
2:00 Four Weddings USA
Four Brides Who've Never Met Have Agreed to Attend and Score Each Other's Weddings. They'll be Judging Each Big Day on the Food, the Dress, the Venue, the Overall Experience.
3:00 Border Security
A Heartbroken Frenchman Has Fallen for Australia, But for Immigration It's Time to Separate. Then, Experienced Officers Are Shocked to Discover a Foetus in the Mail.
3:30 The Force
A Real Estate Agency in Wa is the Victim of a Vicious and Sustained 'cyber Attack'. Two Properties Are Linked to a Suspected Drug Deal and It's a Busy Night for One Officer with Two Car Pursuits.
4:00 Robson Green: Extreme Fisherman
Robson Travels to the World's Oldest Island, on a Quest to Catch the Most Fearsome, Ferocious and Skilled Aquatic Hunters on the Planet.
5:00 The ITM Fishing Show - Classic Episodes
Join Matt Watson and Revisit Some of the ITM Fishing Show's Classic Episodes.

6:00 1 News at 6pm
The Nation's Leading Team of Journalists Brings Viewers the Latest News and Sport, Plus the Most Comprehensive Weather Report.
7:00 Hyundai Country Calendar
Generation Next: the Third Generation on a North Otago High Country Station Follow in Their Forebears' Footsteps and Continue the Farm's Tradition of Innovation.
7:30 Posh Pawn
A Retired Couple Decide It's Time to Part with Their Colossal Back Garden Railway. Plus: a Collection of 500 Handbags, a 71-carat Tanzanite Ring and a Bespoke Show Motorbike.
8:00 Lotto
8:05 Posh Pawn Continued
A Retired Couple Decide It's Time to Part with Their Colossal Back Garden Railway. Plus: a Collection of 500 Handbags, a 71-carat Tanzanite Ring and a Bespoke Show Motorbike.
8:30 Coast New Zealand
British Archaeologist and TV Presenter, Neil Oliver Hosts This Local Version of the Hit BBC Show, Telling the Story of the Formation and Evolution of our Nation. Tonight, Neil Heads to Fiordland.
9:30 Coronation Street
Sarah Arrives to Reveal the Truth About Bethany. Tim Suspects Something's Wrong with Faye.
10:30 Winter
S1 E5 Knowing There's a Leak in the Department, Eve Keeps Indiana Holed Up at Her Place Where She Learns a Shocking Secret.
11:30 Devil's Playground
S1 E5 Tom's Past Comes Under Public Scrutiny; Bishop Quaid Reveals His Investigation to Margaret; and Alice Learns the Truth.

12:30 Betrayal
S1 E6 Sara's Concern About Jack's and Her Relationship Being Exposed Intensifies. Jack Makes a Difficult Confession That Leaves Him Vulnerable and Exposed, But Brings Him Closer to Sara Than Ever.
1:25 Emmerdale
Ashley Slips Up. Nicola's Determined to Come Home. Laurel Confides in Harriet.
3:20 Infomercials
5:30 The Key of David
6:00 The ITM Fishing Show
Matt Rounds Up a Few of His Mates to Compete in a Fishing Competition. Do Matt's Fisherman Friends Have What it Takes to Trump the ITM Fishing Show Team?
6:45 Going Going Gone
Paula Smith Has Always Been a Barbie Girl '
7:10 Sunday
Final: Advertising Guru Kevin Roberts on the Scandal That Brought Him Down. Dying Prisoner Vicki Letele on How She Was Really Treated in Prison.
7:35 Tagata Pasifika
Pacific News; Highlights from the Humans of South Auckland Launch; NZ Prisons; American Football and We Meet Tongan Poet Simone Kaho.
8:00 Praise be
Chris Nichol Presents a Programme of Hymns and Carols for the Third Sunday in Advent.
8:30 Attitude
Kim Preston (scruff) Reckons She'll be Caring for Her Three Adult Sons with Autism Until She '
9:00 Q+A
Q+A Presents Hard-hitting Political News and Commentary. Keep Up to Date with What is Truly Going on in New Zealand.
10:00 Waka Huia
Whanau-a-apanui Elder Tame Butler Reveals How Tribal Made Laws (rahui) Replenish Sea Food Stocks as His People Celebrate the Centennial of the Otuwhare Marae at Omaio Bay.
10:30 Marae
Your Window to the Maori World, Telling Stories Through Maori Eyes and Keeping Abreast of Current Events and Issues Impacting on Maori Here and Around the World.
11:00 Neighbourhood
This Week Colin Mathura-jeffree is our Guide to the Community That Lives Around Mt Albert Road in Auckland.
11:30 The Disease That's Killing My Family
Type 2 Diabetes is the Most Serious Public Health Issue of our Lifetime and 257,776 Kiwis Are Experiencing Catastrophic Health Effects. What is it Like for the People Living with This Disease?

12:00 Biggest and Baddest
Season Final: Niall Travels to Venezuela's 'lost World', in Search of Some of the World's Most Venomous Creatures - and Meets the People Who Must Live Alongside Them Every Day.
12:55 Storage: Flog the Lot!
Bidding Reaches Fever Pitch as Dealers Who Have Yet to Win Anything Bid Astonishing Amounts of Money in the Hope of Taking Home a Prize. 'auction Fever' Leads to One Dealer Making a Record Loss.
1:55 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces
George Visits a Spectacular Treehouse in Scotland, a Doctor Who-inspired Shed in Macclesfield; and a Glass Lodge in Italy's Dolomite Mountains.
2:55 Intrepid NZ
Kevin and Jamie Journey More Than 400 Kilometres Off the South Coast Off New Zealand, to the Southern Reaches of the Auckland Islands, to Where the Grafton Ship Hit Rocks in January 1864.
TV2ch 2
1:00 The Bachelor
A Commitment-phobic Man's Grandfather Dies, Leaving Him $100 Million - on the Condition That Jimmie Marry Before He Turns 30. the Problem Is, That's 24 Hours Away. Starring Renee Zellweger.
3:05 Once Upon a Time
Season Finale: S5 E23 Emma and Regina Try to Find Henry Before Gold Does. Meanwhile, Regina Wrestles with Her Past.
4:05 Food Fighters
A High School Biology Teacher from New Jersey, Competes Against Professional Chefs in a Bid to Win a $100,000 Cash Prize.
5:05 Cupcake Wars
Expect Out of This World Creations When Four Bakers Compete for the Chance to Launch Their Cupcakes Into the Stratosphere at a Black Tie Gala.

6:00 All New Black-Ish
S2 E2 Dre Considers Buying a Gun After a Break-in Down the Street, But Bow is Against the Idea.
6:30 The Middle
S1 E23 at the Spring Heck Family Bbq, Mike Decides That He and Brick Need to Try and Become More Social When Frankie Points Out That Mike's Social Ineptness Was Passed on to Brick.
7:00 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
Harry, Ron and Hermione Search for Voldemort's Remaining Horcruxes in Their Effort to Destroy the Dark Lord. Starring Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.
9:30 Bad Teacher
A Lazy Middle School Teacher Who Hates Her Job and Her Students is Forced to Return to Teaching to Make Enough Money for a Boob Job After She is Dumped. Starring Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.
11:20 Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
When Deuce's Former Pimp is Implicated in the Murders of Europe's Greatest Gigolos, Deuce Must Go Back to Work in Order to Clear His Friend's Name. Starring Rob Schneider and Eddie Griffin.

1:00 Ceremony
Two Friends Are Off on a Weekend Outing. Marshall Thinks the Trip is to Re-establish Their Friendship, But Sam Has Ulterior Motives in Mind as He Crashes the Wedding of a Woman He Still Loves.
2:40 Constantine
S1 E3, E4 John and Zed Engage in a Dangerous Confrontation to Save a Woman and Her Family from Sinister Forces.
4:15 Jeremy Kyle
My Daughter Accused Me of Stealing, Then Said She Slept With...
5:10 Mystery Girls
S1 E6 Holly Stresses Out When Her Judgmental Younger Sister Arrives for a Visit.
5:30 It is Written
6:00 Art Attack
6:25 Thomas & Friends
6:35 The Octonauts
6:45 Little Monstar
6:50 My Little Pony
7:10 Looped
Theo Accidentally Puts on Anti-aging Cream and Wakes to Discover He's Quickly Aging Backwards.
7:35 Jamie's Got Tentacles
8:00 The Swan Princess Christmas
A Prince Tries to Save Christmas and a Princess After An Evil Wizard Turns Her Into a Swan.
9:25 Mako Mermaids
David Sees Evie Swim Past and is Convinced He Saw a Mermaid. Ondina Enlists Erik's Help to Try to Get David to Forget About What He Saw.
10:00 The Bachelorette
S11 E8 Kaitlyn Tries to Protect Her Relationships in the Face of Her Indiscretion, While a Disillusioned Shawn Questions Their Connection. Plus, There's a Magical Moment at the Blarney Castle.
11:25 Shortland Street
Leanne Contemplates Howard's End. Kylie Fears for Tk. Lucy Discovers a Series of Buried Secrets.

2:00 Home and Away
Tori is Torn. Raffy is Confronted By the Awful Truth. Heath Makes a Passionate Plea for Love.

6:00 All New Black-Ish
S2 E3 Pops is Pressured to See a Doctor After He Reveals That He Hasn't Had a Checkup in Years.
TV3ch 3
1:25 The Bachelor NZ
Love is in the Air as One Lucky Bachelorette Flies High on the Very First Single Date. Plus, Some Bachelorettes' True Colours Are Revealed on An Action Packed Group Date. S1 Ep2
2:25 Fresh Off the Boat
New Episode. Eddie Takes Alison to See a Modern Remake of Romeo and Juliet for Their Anniversary, But Alison Fears That Their Relationship Has Lost Its Spark. S3 Ep7
2:55 New Girl
New Episode. Schmidt Gets Nick to Help Him Earn the Respect of a Troublesome House Contractor. Meanwhile, Jess and Robby Test Their Ability to be in a Casual Relationship. S6 Ep9
3:25 The Goldbergs
New Episode. Adam Tries to Imitate the Globetrotters on the Court After Seeing Them in Action for the First Time. S4 Ep9
3:55 Grand Designs Australia
Milly and Andrew Attempt to Build a Home That not Only Makes the Very Best of Its Location, But is Also as Different as Possible from the Traditional Ranch Style and Queenslander Neighbours. S5 Ep8
4:55 Africa
New Episode. David Attenborough Reveals the Vibrant Environment of Southern Africa. S1 Ep4

6:00 Newshub Live at 6pm
Newshub Live at 6pm Presents Comprehensive Coverage of Global and Local News.
7:00 Mr. Bean's Holiday
In This Sequel to the Popular First Film, Mr. Bean Takes His Obtuse, Big Hearted and Physically Challenged Self on Holiday to the South of France. Starring Rowan Atkinson.
8:45 Four Weddings and a Funeral
A Englishman Meets American Carrie at a Wedding and Falls in Love, But His Inability to Express His Feelings Seems to Forestall Any Possibility of Relationship - Until They Meet Again and Again.
11:10 Motive
New Episode. An Armed Robber is Murdered, Leading the Team to An Unlikely Killer. S3 Ep5

12:10 Nurse Jackie
Jackie, Dr. Prince and Akalitus Are Forced to Run the ER Without Nurses When Zoey Leads a Walkout to Protest the Hospital Closing. S7 Ep6
12:45 Infomercials
5:00 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a Half-hour Christian Television Program That Features Brian's Teaching from the Hillsong Church Services in Sydney, Australia.
5:30 Charles Stanley
6:00 Life TV 113
6:30 Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV is a Half-hour Christian Television Program That Features Brian's Teaching from the Hillsong Church Services in Sydney, Australia.
7:00 Charles Stanley 1650
8:00 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God: UCKG TV 169
8:30 David Jeremiah
Recorded at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, Where Dr. Jeremiah is the Senior Pastor, Turning Point Delivers the Unchanging Word of God to An Ever-changing World.
9:00 R &
Hosted By Robert Rakete, R&r Sees Discussions Focusing on Lifestyle Issues and Popular Culture.
9:30 Family Secret
Why Did a Loving Father Just Disappear, Leaving Behind Three Young Daughters? the Investigation Starts in India in the Days of the British Raj and Uncovers Some Shocking Truths. S1 Ep1
9:55 Prison Families
Fierce Matriarch Joanne Fights to Keep Her Notorious Crime-boss Family on the Straight and Narrow, as Well as Stick By Her Brother - Nz's Most Notorious Criminal. S1 Ep1
10:20 Grand Designs Revisited
Grand Designs Revisited Follows Designer and Writer Kevin Mccloud as He Revisits Projects Undertaken in the Series Grand Designs. S12 Ep1
11:05 Shark Tank
Hosted By Sarah Harris, Shark Tank Features Five of Australia's Most Successful Business People, All Hunting for the Next Big Idea to Turn Into a Profitable Venture. S1 Ep15

12:00 Entertainment Tonight Weekend
A Wrap Up of the Biggest Entertainment Stories of the Last Week.
1:00 CRC Motorsport
Motogp is the Premier Motorcycle Racing World Championship; An Eighteen-race Series Visiting 14 Countries, and Four Continents.
1:01 CRC Motorsport: NAC Car Culture Ep2
Car Culture Provides An Exploration of the Local Motoring Scene Across the Length and Breadth of the Country, Including Grassroots Events and Motorsport.
1:30 CRC Motorsport: Formula E Magazine Show Ep6
Formula E is a New Fia Motor Racing Championship Featuring Single-seater Cars Powered Exclusively By Electricity.
2:00 CRC Motorsport: NHRA 23 - Las Vegas
As the Penultimate Event That Will Decide the Season's NHRA World Championships, Plenty is at Stake in Las Vegas.
3:00 CRC Motorsport: The Mad Life
We Follow This Years' Amazing Journey and the Challenges Mad Mike Whiddett Faces Running a New Zealand Based Motorsport Team Across Five Continents.
2:00 World Forklift League
New Zealand's Best Forklift Operators Face Off Against Each Other to Determine Who Really is King or Queen of the Pallet. (r)
2:30 College Basketball National Championship 2016
Live Coverage of the College Basketball National Championship 2016. Today: Winner Wx10 v Winner Wx11 (wx24 Semi-final).
3:30 The Kapa
The Competition Begins for the 24 Contestants, Who Are Put Into One of Three Teams and Find Out Who Their Mentors Are. Then It's Down to Business with the First Challenge: Choral. (r)
4:30 The Big Sing
The Choral Competition Everyone is Talking About, Catch All the Excitement as We Go Behind-the-scenes of the Big Sing. Today: Westlake Boys High School Kristin School Christ's and St Margaret's Co
5:00 He Kupenga Hou
Documentary-style Series That Follows Students Through the Westport Deep Sea Fishing School. It's a Full on Week for our Boys Joseph and Timoti'

5:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective.
6:00 Ngā Pari Kārangaranga
Made for the Iwi By the Iwi, An Authentic Collection of Distinctive Kōrero from Around the Motu. Tonight: Ngā Rakau Tupuna. (r)
6:30 Slappy and the Stinkers
Principal Brinway Dubbed Five 2nd Grade Non-conformist Kids as Stinkers. on a School Trip at An Aquarium, the Stinkers Decided to Free a Sea Lion Called Slappy and Put Him in Mr Brinways Hot Tub. (rp)
8:00 Iti Pounamu
NZ Short Films: Tonight: I'm Going to Mum's. Jacob is Eight-years-old and His Parents Dress Him Funny. Stuck in the Middle of a Fresh Divorce, He Takes Drastic Fashion Action to Make Himself Heard. (r
8:30 Red Sorghum
In 1930s China a Young Woman is Sent to Marry the Leprous Owner of a Winery. in the Nearby Red Sorghum Fields She Falls for One of His Servants. Starring Li Gong, Wen Jiang and Rujun Ten. (rp)
10:10 Iti Pounamu - Short Films
NZ Short Films: 'ebony Society' is Where Vinnie and Jonah Break Into a House and Find Themselves Confronted with An Unexpected Situation.
10:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (r)
11:00 Ngā Pari Kārangaranga
Made for the Iwi By the Iwi, An Authentic Collection of Distinctive Kōrero from Around the Motu. Tonight: He Tira Haka. (r)
11:30 Māori Television
Māori Television Specialises in the Stories of Aotearoa. be Entertained and Informed with News, Current Affairs, Sports, Drama, Documentaries and Much More. Go to Www.maoritelevision.com for More Inf

10:00 Whānau Bake-Off
Tonight is a Baking Extravaganza - German Chocolate Cake Versus Tarte Tatin. Huia and Mahina Impress Kahurangi and Guest Judge, Native Affairs Reporter and Homebaker Wepiha Te Kanawa. (r)
10:30 Whānau Living
Whānau Living Focuses on Stacey Morrison's Personal Journey of Discovery on How to Balance a Busy Lifestyle, While Being a Mother of 3 Young Children, Wife, Radio and TV Presenter. (rp)
11:00 Native Affairs 2016 - Summer Series
Led By Host Oriini Tipene-leach, the Award-winning Current Affairs Team Investigate Regional and National Stories from a Maori Perspective, as Well as International Indigenous News. (r)
11:30 Ka Tū Ka Kōrero
An Entertaining Series Hosted By World-renowned Toastmaster Speaker Kingi Biddle, Who Helps People Overcome Their Fear of Public Speaking. Tonight: Kingi Has Some Tips on How to Craft the Ultimate Wed

12:00 My Reggae Song
In the First of 13 Episodes Hosted By Matariki Whatarau My Reggae Song Showcases the Pioneers of Aotearoa Reggae and Highlights Those Who Continue the Evolution. (rp)
12:30 Kapa Haka Whānau
Sheree and Elliott Cotter Share Their Remarkable Love Story and the Challenge of Defending Their Title as a Champion Kapa Haka Team of Ngāti Kahungunu. (r)
1:00 Finding Aroha
Final: Miriama Smith Hosts This Tinder for Television Dating Game Show Where Hopefuls Looking for Love Trust Their Whanau and Friends to Find Them a Match. (r)
1:30 Play
Hosted By Ex-tall Black Brendon Pongia, Play is Your Unmissable Monday Night, Commentary Show, Keeping You Up-to-date with Everything in the World of Sport. (r)
2:30 College Basketball National Championship 2016
Live Coverage of the College Basketball National Championship 2016. Today: Winner Mx10 v Winner Mx11.
PRIMEch 10
12:00 The Crowd Goes Wild
Join Mark Richardson, Andrew Mulligan and the Team, as We Look Back on Some of the Finest (and Potentially Not-so-fine) Sports News Moments. (r)
2:30 Parker v Ruiz Jr: A Fighting Chance
Ahead of His Fight Against Ruiz, See Boxer Joseph Parker Like You've Never Seen Him Before. from South Auckland to the Bright Lights of Vegas, Prime Gets Exclusive Access Into Team Parker. (pgr) (r)
3:30 Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight
Club: Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty Serve Up a Beer Cocktail, and Location, Location, Location's Kirstie Allsopp Relives Her Gap Year Travels with Some Classic Indian Street Food. (r)
4:30 English Premier League
Prime Looks at All the Best Bits of the Week's English Premier League Games, with Highlights of England's Top Division Football Teams Battling it Out to be the Champions.

5:30 Prime News - First at 5.30
Join the Prime News Team for the Latest from New Zealand and Across the Globe, First at 5.30pm.
6:00 University Challenge
Otago's Loss in the First Round Sees it Vulnerable in This Match When it Comes to Making the Top Four, Especially When Aut Believe They Have What it Takes.
6:30 Masterchef USA
Using Special Ingredients Provided By Judges Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, Each Team Must Create a Unique Appetizer and Entree - and Create Them Three Times!
7:30 New Tricks
S12 Ep7. a Private Investigator Was Killed in 2011. He Kept a Notebook Which Disappeared After His Murder and Now the Ucos Team Have Today Been Sent the Notebook with a Message for the Team.
8:40 Silent Witness
S18 Ep7. a Shootout at a City Hotel Leaves Young Ukrainian Nanny Dead, Along with An Unknown Hit Man. the Real Target Escapes, and the Team Must Discover Who Would Want to Kill Him and Why.
10:55 The Red Stag Timber Hunters
Club: Andre Joins Up with His Ocker Mate Adam as They Head to the Remote Cape York Peninsula, on a Mission to Chase Down Some Mean Aussie Hogs with Bow and Arrow.
11:25 60 Minutes
Meet the Former Australian Rugby Player, Peter Fitzsimons, Who Has Lost More Than 40kgs By Cutting Sugar. Plus, We Speak to Comedian Jerry Seinfeld About His Life in the Stand-up Spotlight. (r)

12:25 Home Shopping
Infomercials for Your Shop at Home Pleasure.
6:00 Music and the Spoken Word
Religious Programme.
6:30 Life TV
Religious Programme.
7:00 Beyond Today
Religious Programme.
7:30 Hour of Power
Religious Programme.
8:30 Tomorrow's World
Religious Programme.
9:00 Impact for Life
Religious Programme.
9:30 Life TV
Religious Programme.
10:00 Running with Fire
Religious Programme.
10:30 Sport Box
Missed All the Water Cooler Chat This Week? Join Prime as We Highlight the Past Week's Local and International Sports for Passionate Kiwi Fans.

12:00 Mayday
After a Commuter Turboprop Crashes at a Fog-bound Irish Airport, Investigators Uncover a Startling Gap in Aviation Safety That's Putting Passengers' Lives at Risk. (r)
1:00 Elementary
A Man Suspected of Murdering His Wife Years Ago Receives a Ransom Demand for Her Safe Return. Meanwhile, Lestrade Overstays His Welcome at the Brownstone and Seems Unwilling to Leave. (r)
2:00 The Crayfishers
With Hardly a Dent in Their 30 Tonne Quota, the Fisher Boys Are Keen to Make This Trip Pay. But They Will Need to be Quick, as the Roaring Forties Are About to Live Up to Their Name. (r)
2:30 Piha Rescue
Rough Seas Continue to Cause Problems as Two Swimmers Go Missing in Front of Lion Rock, Surfboards Cause Mayhem in Raglan, and Lifeguards Close the Beach at Piha. (r)