New Zealands Favourite Free TV Guide
Friday Nov 24
TV ONEch 1
10:25 1 News Tonight
10:55 Castle
S7 E20 a Mysterious Recurring Dream Drives Castle and Beckett to Seek Answers About the Two-month Period When He Went Missing. But Their Search for the Truth Has Deadly Consequences.
11:55 Rizzoli & Isles
When a Forensic Accountant is Gunned Down, Jane and Maura Are Drawn Into a Sophisticated Ponzi Scheme; Jane Makes a Life-changing Career Decision.

12:45 Te Karere
Te Karere Brings You Key Events and Stories of Interest to Maori, as Well as Bringing a Maori Perspective to the Day's News and Current Affairs.
1:10 Infomercials
6:00 Te Karere
Te Karere Brings You Key Events and Stories of Interest to Maori, as Well as Bringing a Maori Perspective to the Day's News and Current Affairs.
6:30 Hyundai Country Calendar
Drunken Nannies: Farmer Amanda Goodman Bought a Few Goats So Her Children Could Enjoy Them, But What Started as Family Fun Has Turned Into An Award-winning Cheese Business.
7:00 Global Radar
Te Radar Looks at Oil Alternatives Like Alligator Fat, and Finds Out How a Mix of Sunlight and Old Kiwifruit Can Juice Up a Car.
7:30 Infomercials
8:30 Life TV with Paul De Jong
9:00 Tagata Pasifika
Keep Up-to-date with Live News and Current Affairs from New Zealand's Pacific Island Communities.
10:00 Couples Come Dine with Me
In Gloucestershire, Angela's Blender Malfunctions and Sprays Her with Gravy, and Paul and Debbie Offend Their Hosts By Questioning the Intelligence of Their Beloved Chihuahuas.
11:00 The Chase Australia
With a Cash Prize Up for Grabs Four Humble Contestants Compete to Outsmart a Quick-witted Quiz Genius Known as 'the Chaser.'
11:55 Coronation Street
Nick Tells Carla He Can't Marry Her. Johnny Has Advice for Jenny. and Kylie Desperately Tries to Get Through to Sarah.

1:55 The New Zealand Home
Goran and Ken Are in Napier. After the Earthquake Wiped the Existing British Architecture Off the Map, the Boys See What Happens When An Entire City is Rebuilt in One Historical Period.
2:55 Unreal Estate
S1 E2 Kate and Cam Get a Taste of the Good Life Exploring Some Extravagant Country Homes.
3:50 Eat Well for Less
Gregg and Chris Are with a Family Whose Weekly Food Shopping Spend is Out of Control. the Brand-loving Warners Have a Large Family and An Enormous Food Bill.
4:55 5 Star Family Reunion
The General Knowledge Quiz Show Where Family Members Play Across the Globe in An Attempt to Win a Family Reunion Holiday and a Cash Jackpot.

6:00 1 News
The Nation's Leading Team of Journalists Brings Viewers the Latest News and Sport, Plus the Most Comprehensive Weather Report.
7:00 Moving Out with Tamati
Manurewa Couple Ian and Eric Are Pillars of Their Community, But a Recent Health Scare Has Seen Ian Look to His Far North Home of Kaitaia. However, Leaving Manurewa Behind Could be a Challenge.
7:30 The X Factor UK
They're Going Global! the Singing Competition Reaches Its Next Exciting Stage as the Remaining Acts Jet Off to International Destinations for a Taste of Luxury at the Judges' Houses.
8:00 Lotto
8:05 The X Factor UK Continued
They're Going Global! the Singing Competition Reaches Its Next Exciting Stage as the Remaining Acts Jet Off to International Destinations for a Taste of Luxury at the Judges' Houses.
9:30 Coronation Street
Izzy Falls on the Wrong Side of the Law. Johnny's Part of Jenny's Plan. Todd and Billy Are Bound By a Secret.
10:30 A Place to Call Home
S3 E9 Anna Returns to Ash Park After Her Romantic Dreams Shatter. Meanwhile, Regina Goes to the Extreme to Ensnare George.
TV2ch 2
9:35 Naked Attraction
Season Finale: the Dating Game Show in Which a Clothed Person Selects Two Contestants from Six Naked People, Whose Bodies and Then Faces Are Revealed in Stages from the Feet Up.
10:35 2 Broke Girls
S3 E14 Deke Takes Max Home -- and It's a Real Dump.
11:05 Mike & Molly
S2 E9 When Mike and Molly Meet with the Priest at Peggy's Church, Molly's Outspoken and Forthright Nature Winds Up Costing Them Their Wedding Chapel.
11:35 Family Guy
Peter Gets Jealous When Lois Proves to be a Big Hit at a Red Sox Fantasy-baseball Camp. Meanwhile, Stewie Runs Away from Home After Meg is Left to Babysit Him.

12:05 Scrubs
The Entire Sacred Heart Staff Makes it Their Mission to Get Rid of Dr. Maddox (Guest Star Courteney Cox).
12:30 Less Than Perfect
Jeb's 14-year-old Son Develops a Crush on Claude; Ramona Wants to Plant Tomatoes Outside Jeb's Office Window.
12:50 Shortland Street
Leroy Faces a Dilemma. Damo is Driven By Fear. Sass Receives a Bombshell.
1:15 Infomercials
2:20 Deadbeat
Double Ep S3 E11, E12. Pac Tries to Help An Old-timey King's Ghost Seek Revenge on the Knight Who Betrayed Him; Clyde Makes New Friends.
3:10 The Fosters
Double Ep S3 E8 E9. When Rita's Daughter Shows Up Unexpectedly, Callie Sees a Different Side of Rita and Learns the Reason Behind Their Strained Relationship.
4:45 The Adam and Eve Show
It's the Very Last Episode of the Adam and Eve Show! We're Taking a Look at Some Hilarious Bloopers, and Adam and Eve Both Have Something Special They Want to Unveil to Each Other!
5:10 Neighbours
Yashvi Discovers Who's Targeting Jack. Sonya Wants to Celebrate Her Love with a Surprise. Elly's Attempt to Give Amy a Boost Backfires
5:35 Jessie
S3 E19 When Jessie Lands Two Vip Wristbands to Emma and Zuri's Dream Concert, the Girls Compete to be Her Guest. Meanwhile, Bertram Becomes Infatuated with His New Talking Coffee Maker.
6:00 Disney Junior Art Attack
Unleash the Artist Within! Amidst Pots of Paints and Coloured Pencils, Art Attack Offers Creative Ideas with Loads of Enthusiasm.
6:25 Thomas & Friends
The Bigger Engines Tease Edward for Being Old and Unreliable, Especially Gordon, But When Gordon Sees Some Red Trousers Blowing By the Tracks, He Mistakes Them for a Red Danger Flag and Stops, Ending
6:35 Peppa Pig
Mummy Pig Shows Peppa and Her Friend Suzy Sheep Some Old Photographs from When They Were Babies.
6:45 The Furchester Hotel
A Dinosaur Surprises Elmo, Then Seems to Disappear; the Furchesters Go on a Dino Hunt to Find Their Oldest, Biggest Guest.
6:55 Future-Worm!
A Wedge Comes Between Danny and Fyootch's Friendship; Barl Moves Into the Douglas' Shed; Fyootch Tries to Halt Production on a Future TV Show.
7:20 Transformers Robots in Disguise
Two Autobot Teams Reunite and Friends Return as They Locate Decepticon Hq; Steeljaw Has Been Leading the Decepticon Guerilla Army.
7:45 Nexo Knights
Jorah Tightwad is Digging for Gold But Finds the Ancient Lord Krakenskull Buried with His Army. This Stone Army is Exactly What the Cloud of Monstrox Needs.
8:10 Star Wars Rebels
Hera's Rebel Supply Mission to Ryloth Becomes Personal When She and the Ghost Crew Brave Overwhelming Imperial Forces to Recover a Memento from Her Ancestral Home.
8:35 Beyblade Burst
Rantaro Takes on Ukio in the Team Battle; Ken Has Something Important to Reveal.
9:00 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H
Hulk Reunites with Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and is Whisked Into the Future.
9:30 Disney Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Ever
Thumbs of Fury Learn Where They Rank in the International Gaming League and Their Ranking Causes Problems for the Team.
10:00 The Muppets
S1 E5 Miss Piggy and Reese Witherspoon Have a Heated Rivalry But When the Two Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Their Feud Escalates to a Whole New Level.
10:30 Food Fighters
Final: S1 E5 a Homemaker and Married Mother Battles Top Chefs in Culinary Showdowns. Foodie Lorena Garcia Makes An Appearance.
11:25 Take Me Out
Paddy Mcguinness Hosts a Dating Show Where Single Guys Spill the Beans to 30 Lovely Lasses in the Hope of a Romantic Date on the Isle of Fernandos. If the Girls No Likey...no Lighty.

12:30 The Fosters
Brandon Throws Mike and Ana An Engagement Party, Which Unleashes a Bunch of Secrets. Meanwhile, Mariana and Jude Try to Convince the Students to Vote Against Their School Going Private.
1:30 Once Upon a Time
Hook Aligns with Tiger Lily to Find a Way Back to Emma; Regina Works to Free David and Snow from the Sleeping Curse.
2:30 The Real ONeals
S1 E8: Instead of Being Shunned Like Expected, Eileen Finds the Ladies of Her Book Club Way Too Eager to Open Up to Her About Their Own Problems; Pat Accompanies Kenny to a Gay Dodgeball Match.
3:00 Dr. Ken
S1 E22: a Visit from Ken's College Friend Spurs Ken to Pursue His Own Lifelong Dream of Stand-up Comedy. But When He Does It, Suddenly It's not as Easy as He Thought.
3:30 Life in Pieces
S1 E11 Colleen Joins John and His Air Force Buddies for His Annual Tradition of Dirty Christmas Caroling.
4:00 Clipped
S1 E6 Ben Fires Charmaine After a Video of Her Insulting Customers Goes Viral, But He Must Quickly Get Her Back When the Video Drums Up Big Business.
4:30 The Undriveables
A Woman Who's Failed Four Times Must Work Out How to Reverse Park If She Stands Any Chance of Passing Her Test.
5:00 My Kitchen Rules New Zealand
The Three Remaining Teams Face Their Toughest Challenge to Date - Catering a Wedding for 80 Guests! Who Will Make it Through to the Grand Final?

6:00 The Barefoot Bandits
New Season: the Nefarious Mr Black Returns for Revenge on the Island That Once Thwarted His Bird Smuggling Plans. Now, He Has His Sights Set on the Extremely Rare, Previously Thought Extinct, Moa.
6:30 The Middle
S4 E8 Frankie's Constantly Bickering Parents Put a Damper on the Heck's Thanksgiving, While Axl Grapples with His Growing Feelings for His Tutor.
7:00 Bolt
Bolt, the Canine Star of a Fictional Sci-fi/action Show Who Believes His Powers Are Real Embarks on a Cross Country Trek to Save His Co-star. with the Voice Talent of John Travolta and Miley Cyrus.
8:45 Snowpiercer
A Post-apocalyptic Ice Age Forces Humanity's Last Survivors Aboard a Globe-spanning Supertrain. One Man Will Risk Everything to Lead a Revolt for Control of the Engine and the Future of the World.
11:10 Seven Year Switch Australia
New Season S2 E1. Four New Couples on the Absolute Brink of Separation Participate in An Experimental Marriage with a Total Stranger in Order to Save Their Relationship.
TV3ch 3
9:45 Live at the Apollo
Nina Conti Introduces Tanyalee Davis, Hal Cruttenden and Josh Widdicombe. S11 Ep7
10:45 Newshub Late
Newshub Late is a Late-night Mix of News, Entertainment and Pop Culture.
11:15 Bob's Burgers
New Episode. Teddy's Family Unexpectedly Announces They're Coming for Thanksgiving and the Preparation Proves Challenging. Plus, Teddy is Discovered to be a Hoarder. S8 Ep5
11:45 American Dad
The Town Turns on Steve After He Convinces the Star Quarterback of the Arena-football Team to Quit the Sport. S13 Ep12

12:15 The Project (Encore)
Hosted By Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Josh Thomson, the Project Combines News and Entertainment to Provide Audiences An Intelligent, Informative and Engaging Mix of the Stories That Matter.
1:05 Infomercials
6:00 Charles Stanley
6:30 Pukana
Pukana is Here to Provide Children All Around NZ with Some Real Deal Te Reo Maori Fun. Aimed at Youngsters Between the Ages of 8-12 Years Old and Sure to be a Must Watch for the Whole Family.
7:25 Infomercials
9:30 The Nation
Hosted By Lisa Owen, the Nation is An In-depth Weekly Current Affairs Show Focusing on the Major Players and Forces That Shape New Zealand.
10:30 Survivor: Worlds Apart
Season 30 Begins with Eighteen New Players Who Are Divided Into Three Tribes According to Their Occupations. S30 Ep1
11:55 The Bachelor NZ
Entering Its Second Season, We Meet the Next Bachelor NZ and the 23 Kiwi Women Vying for His Heart. and at the First Rose Ceremony, Who Will Get a Rose and Who Will He Send Home? S2 Ep1

1:05 Ice Road Truckers
In the Season 9 Opener, Darrell Ward Attempts to Poach a Legendary Rival Driver from Polar Industries, Which Could Spark An All-out War. S9 Ep1
2:00 Lip Sync Battle
Lauren Cohan vs Sonequa Martin-green. It's a Walking Dead Showdown, the Likes of Which This World Has Never Seen Before. S2 Ep9
2:30 Fresh Off the Boat
New Episode. Louis Gets Himself Into a Sticky Situation When He Lies About Loving a Newly Finished Horror Novel. and News Arrives That Kenny Rogers is Paying a Visit to Cattleman's Ranch. S4 Ep8
3:00 The Goldbergs
A School Musical Production Creates Animosity Between Adam and Barry, Who's Jealous That His Little Brother Has Been Cast in a Romantic Role Opposite Lainey. S4 Ep8
3:30 George Clarke's Old House New Home
George Visits a Grade II Listed Cottage in Hampshire and a Farmhouse in East Sussex. the First One is Too Higgledy-piggledy While the Second Needs a Major Bathroom Re-think. S1 Ep2
4:30 Getaway
Getaway is a Travel and Lifestyle Show Featuring Incredible and Exotic Locations with Advice, Information and Tips for Aspiring Travellers.
5:00 Survivor: Heroes V. Healers V. Hustlers
The 35th Season of the American Version of Survivor Sees Players Divided Into Three Tribes According to Their Dominant Trait: Heroes (Courage), Healers (Helping Others), and Hustlers (Tenacity).

6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm Presents Comprehensive Coverage of Global and Local News.
7:00 Johnny English Reborn
Rowan Atkinson Returns to the Role of the Accidental Secret Agent. in This Adventure, Johnny English Goes Up Against International Assassins Hunting Down the Chinese Premier. (2011)
9:00 MOVIE: Mercury Rising
Bruce Willis Stars as An Outcast FBI Agent Who is Assigned to Protect a Nine-year-old Autistic Boy Who is the Target for Assassins After Cracking a Top Secret Government Code. (1998)
11:10 The Sessions
A Man in An Iron Lung Who Wishes to Lose His Virginity Contacts a Professional Sex Surrogate with the Help of His Therapist and Priest. Starring John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy.
10:10 Urban Legend
(AO) a College Student Suspects a Series of Bizarre Deaths Are Connected to Certain Urban Legends. Starring: Jared Leto, Alicia Witt and Rebecca Gayheart. (1998)

12:00 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective. (R)
12:30 Māori Television
Māori Television Specialises in the Stories of Aotearoa. be Entertained and Informed with News, Current Affairs, Sports, Drama, Documentaries and Much More. Go to Www.maoritelevision.com for More Inf
6:30 Waiata Mai
Our Four Loveable Puppet Baby Birds in Te Wao Nui O Tane Have Gathered in the Forest to Learn and Play. What Waiata Will We Sing Today? (R)
6:40 Team Umizoomi
Mighty Math Superheroes Milli and Geo Help Other Kids in Umi City with Their Problems, Which Are Sent to Them Via the Umi Alarm. Dubbed in Te Reo Māori. (R)
7:00 Huhu
Huhu is a Fun and Light Hearted Puppet Series for Tamariki Where An Inquisitive and Chatty Book Grub Reads Te Reo Māori Books with His Friend, Pai. (R)
7:10 He Rourou
An Instructional Cooking Series Aimed at Tamariki and Whānau. (R)
7:20 ASB Polyfest 2017 Kapa Haka
Highlights from the 2017 ASB Polyfest, the Largest Secondary School Polynesian Festival in the World, Which Attracts 9000 Performers and 80,000 Spectators. (R)
7:30 Huritua
Pokaihau Has Approached Basketball Season. He is Wanting to Transform An Old Hoop and Backboard Into a New Practice Basketball Hoop and Give His Basketball a Makeover. (R)
7:40 Pāia
Waioira and Rereahu Learn About Fire Safety and Are Both Put Through a Strenuous Fire Drill. (R)
7:50 Cube
An Exciting Magazine Style Series Exploring Youth Culture and the Things Young People Love. (R)
8:00 Kapa Haka Primary Schools 2017
Watch Haka Teams Hit the Stage Representing Their Kura, Rohe and Whānau. Tune Into 4 Hours of Continuous Performances from the Primary Schools Who Participated in the 2017 Mana Kuratahi Competitions.

12:30 Road to the Nats
We Follow the Drama, Excitement and Tears of Two Haka Groups '
1:00 Basketball 2017 Schick Championships
Coverage of the 2017 Secondary Schools Nationals.
2:00 E Tū Whānau Touch National Champs 2017
E Tū Whānau Touch Championships 2017. Tonight: Bay of Plenty vs Otago - Open Mixed. (R)
3:00 2017 National Basketball League
Replays of the Live and Delayed Coverage of the 2017 National Basketball League. (R)
4:30 Holden Golf World 2017
Hosted By Mark Leishman and Laura Mcgoldrick, the Magazine Style Series Visits the World's Most Exclusive Golfing Destinations and Brings the Biggest Golfing Personalities Into New Zealand Homes.
5:00 Waiata
Waiata, a New Musical Platform for Emerging and Established Māori Artists to Perform and Talk About Their Music. Tonight: Rob Ruha, Ngā Tūmanako, Majic Paora Me Smashproof. (R)

5:30 Aotearoa
View An Aerial Perspective of Aotearoa from Above That is Simply Breathtaking. Tainui Stephens Provides a Maori Insight of History and Local Knowledge. (R)
6:00 Pukuhohe
The Studio Game Show That Puts Two Teams Against Each Other in a Game of Wits to Test Their Reo Skills and Take Out the Championship Title.
6:30 Te Kāea
Presenters Piripi Taylor, Rahia Timutimu and the Experienced Team of Reporters Bring You the Daily News, Featuring Local, National and International Stories from a Māori Perspective.
7:00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
The Turtles and the Shredder Battle Once Again, This Time for the Last Canister of the Ooze That Created the Turtles. the Shredder Wants the Ooze to Unleash An Army of New Mutants. (1991) (RP)
8:30 Only Lovers Left Alive
(AO) After Centuries a Depressed Musician Reunites with His Lover. However, Their Vampire Romance is Disrupted By the Arrival of An Uncontrollable Younger Sister. (2013) (RP)
10:40 Raise our Men
White Ribbon Day Awareness: New Zealand Men Discuss Growing Up and Being Forced to Conform. how We Encourage and Expect Men to Behave Directly Affects the High Level of Domestic Violence and Sexual H
PRIMEch 10
9:30 Sleepy Hollow
's4 Ep3. When One of Crane's Greatest Foes Comes to Town to Threaten the Safety of Washington's Highest Officials, the Team Must Work Quickly to Find a Solution. Pgr'
10:30 The Late Show
'join Stephen Colbert for a Satirical and Comedic Take on What's New and Relevant, with Conan O'brien and Tig Notaro. (R)'
11:30 The Crowd Goes Wild
Join the Crowd Goes Wild Team as We Look Back on Some of the Finest (And Potentially Not-so-fine) Sports News Moments. (R)

12:00 Prime
'prime's Regular Programming Returns at 6am with the Best Drama, Factual, Lifestyle and Comedy Shows, Plus Free-to-air Sport! Check Out Primetv.co.nz for Details.'
6:00 Avatar: The Last Airbender
'the World is Divided Into Four Nations, Each Represented By a Natural Element, and Only the Avatar Can Master All Four Elements to Save the World from the Fire Nation. (R)'
6:25 World of Quest
'nestor is on a Mission to Save His Parents, with His Amazing Muscled Protector Quest By His Side. Lucky for Nestor, But Unlucky for Quest... (R)'
6:50 Max Steel
'join the High-octane Adventures of Earth Bound Teenager Maxwell Mcgrath, and His Out-of-this-world Friend Steel, as They Come Together to Create the World's Greatest Superhero, Max Steel! G'
7:15 Kung Fu Panda: Legends of
'awesomeness: Being the Dragon Warrior is a Journey, and for Po the Panda, It's Mostly Uphill. Catch the Adventures as Po Trains, Teaches, and Stumbles with the Furious Five. (R)'
7:40 Sanjay and Craig
'the Always Odd, and Often Gross, Adventures of a Young Boy Named Sanjay Patel and His Talking Pet Snake Craig. (R)'
8:05 The Loud House
'lincoln Loud is the Only Brother Amongst Five Older Sisters, So Life is Pretty Crazy! with a Good Plan, Lincoln and His Best Friend Clyde Can Handle Anything His Sisters Throw at Him. G'
8:30 Henry Danger
'13-year-old Henry Hart Finds Himself Helping Captain Man as His Sidekick, Keeping the Secret from His Family and Friends. (R)'
8:55 The Thundermans
'phoebe and Max Are Twins, Sharing a Birthday, a School, and a Set of Superpowers Thanks to Their Super-powered Parents. But Phoebe Popped Out Good, and Max Came Out Evil. G'
10:00 Robot Wars
'back for Battle in the Arena Are Bigger Brother, Splinter, and 3 Stegs to Heaven Alongside Newcomers Tip-tip, Eleven and Viper. Pgr'
11:00 The Crowd Goes Wild Omnibus
Join the Crowd Goes Wild Team as We Look Back on Some of the Week's Finest (And Potentially Not-so-fine) Sports News Moments.

1:30 English Premier League
'prime Looks at the Best Bits of the Week's English Premier League Games, with Highlights of England's Top Division Football Teams Battling it Out to be the Champions. G'
2:30 Storage Hunters
'jesse Taunts Brandon and Lori in the Hopes of Instigating a Fight. Then, Seasoned Local Victor Throws Down His Bankroll for a Trove of Luxury Goods, But Are They Actually Knock-offs? Pgr'
3:00 Homes By the Med
'architectural Designer Charlie Luxton Heads to the Island of Crete in Greece Where He Discovers a Sprawling Palace of Glass, Metal and Rock. (R)'
4:00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
Veteran Actresses Anne Reid and Thelma Barlow Team Up with Antiques Experts Paul Laidlaw and David Harper for a Whistle-stop Celebrity Road Trip Around Oxfordshire.
5:00 ADOS Addicted to Fishing
The Season Goes Out with a Bang as Nicky Hits the Water Solo. Tune in to See Her Tackle the Ultimate Fish in the Ocean - the Broadbill Swordfish. (R)

5:30 Prime News
'join the Prime News Team for the Latest from New Zealand and Across the Globe, First at 5.30pm.'
6:00 Flog It!
'experts Uncover An Intriguing Carved Coconut at the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle, and Paul Martin Visits Towton, the Sight of One of Britain's Bloodiest Medieval Battles. G'
7:00 Container Wars
'mo and Ty, A.k.a. Team Muscle, Go on the Offensive, But When the Biggest Prize Goes Up for Grabs Will Their Rough Tactics Come Back to Bite Them? Pgr'
7:30 The Brokenwood Mysteries
's4 Ep4. Sunset Manor is a Brokenwood Rest Home Filled with Zimmerframes and Wanderers. When One Determined Resident Goes Missing, His Whereabouts Becomes Crucial in Solving a Case. (R)'
9:30 Agatha Raisin and the Quiche
'of Death: Agatha Raisin, a Pr Hotshot, Becomes Entangled in Mischief and Murder When She Leaves for Early Retirement, Only to Find Herself Implicated in the Deadly Case of the Quiche of Death. Pgr'
11:30 Skint
'discover the Difficulties Faced By Families Living the 'skint' Lifestyle of the Unemployed. Jemelia Faces the Court for Her Baby, and Fergie Worries Prison Will Ruin His Relationship. (R)'