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Sunday Sep 27
TV ONEch 1
10:00 Marae
Marae is your way into the Māori world and the issues that matter. Māiatanga, whanaungatanga, manaakitanga - we bring you stories with heart.
10:30 Waka Huia
Waka Huia is an iconic archival documentary series recording the unique stories and histories of Maori for all New Zealanders.
11:00 Attitude
Profoundly blind acupuncturist and radio enthusiast, Ivan, is 72-years-Old. He's never let his disability slow him down, and doesn't intend to let age do so either.
11:30 Fair Go
A Christchurch couple whose house was destroyed in an earthquake entrusted a new friend to project manage their new home - but instead he ran off with $500,000. Can we bring them some joy?
11:55 Sunday
Join Miriama Kamo and the team as they delve into the subjects that matter to you.

12:55 First Crossings
PG Kevin and Jamie embark on the epic first exploration of the wild Motu River, retracing the route of the Fisher brothers in 1920.
1:55 George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Specials
Celebrate the world's most innovative small space designs with George Clarke! Tonight, discover the spaces built by young designers - proving that you can still go a long way without age & experience!
2:55 Intrepid NZ
Kevin and Jamie head to the Whitcombe Valley on the West Coast of the South Island, getting an insight into the life of Deer Cullers and how tough bush life was.
3:55 Vet Tales
Mark treats a horse with a very sore leg, and Stacey operates on Sushi the cat who has skin cancer.
4:30 Fishing and Adventure
Info at the crew head to Raglan where the challenge is set to land marlin, kingfish and crayfish.
5:00 The Chase
It's game on as teams attempt to answer quick-fire questions in a 60-Second round, with each correct answer earning them 1,000 pounds!

6:00 1 News
The nation's leading team of journalists brings viewers the latest news and sport, plus the most comprehensive weather report.
7:00 Hyundai Country Calendar
A Kapiti commercial fishing family adapts to changing times by starting a new business that supplies locals with fresh fillets, while the offcuts go into their pies and chowder.
7:30 Sunday
Join Miriama Kamo and the team as they delve into the subjects that matter to you.
8:30 The Trouble with Maggie Cole
PG S1 E2 New British comedy drama starring Dawn French. Tonight, now that the radio interview has gone viral, Maggie wants to apologise to everyone she's upset, and goes to visit GP Carol.
9:30 Cold Case
PG Join our team of New Zealand Cold Case detectives as they track the last known movements of missing father and grandfather, Do Trieu, using the latest investigative techniques and cultural insight.
10:35 Wild Bill
M-L / S1 E4 Bill is pulled into a bitter feud between two rival farms when a body is found between them.
11:30 A Place to Call Home
PG S6 E10 as the 1950s come to an end at Ash Park, will it bring love, forgiveness and acceptance for the Bligh family? Don't miss the last episode ever!

12:35 Infomercials
6:00 Breakfast
Start your day off right with John Campbell, Jenny-May Clarkson and the Breakfast team, bringing you the latest in news, sports and weather.
9:00 The Ellen Degeneres Show
PG Comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres brings her unique brand of humour to her Emmy Award-winning talk-Show.
10:00 Tipping Point
Fantastic quiz show in which four players take on a machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pounds jackpot. Only one can win!
11:00 The Chase
It's game on as teams of complete strangers work together to win money and try and defeat the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius, who wants to leave them with nothing!
TV2ch 2
10:00 Shortland Street
PG-V Eddie meets Esther's match. Desi calls Cece loyal. Dawn can't handle the truth.

12:05 Four Weddings U.S.A
PG Four Weddings sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly-Weds dream prize!
1:50 Home and Away
PG Info at Justin and Tori clash over his decision, Ari wants to move forward in his relationship, and Roo tries to accept her grief.
4:15 Bob Hearts Abishola
S1 E7 Bob hires Abishola to take care of Dottie in his home while she recovers; Dottie has a hard time dealing with her limitations and takes it out on Abishola.
4:40 American Housewife
S4 E14 Against Greg's wishes, Katie sets out to play matchmaker for British Greg. Oliver goes along with a rumour at school about his sexual identity to help a classmate feel accepted.
5:05 Ellen's Game of Games
Info at Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres brings people together to compete for $100,000, in a series of hilarious challenges based on the Ellen Show.

6:00 New: America's Got Talent
11 acts perform for the judges in the hopes of making it to the semi-finals, including salsa dancers Simon and Maria, animal tricks act Pork Chop Revue, stand-Up comedian Michael Yo, and more!
7:00 New: The Simpsons
PG in Michigan, Reverend Lovejoy uncovers the reason why Bode left and came to Springfield; when the congregation learns of his crime, they must decide whether to banish their new priest.
7:30 Masterchef Australia: Back to Win
In the battle for top 5, contestants must choose two cloches and cook with the ingredients underneath. They can give up one cloche and select a third, however they must cook with the third ingredient.
8:45 MOVIE: The Hunger Games 3
M-V / Mockingjay - Part 1. Katniss is in District 13 after she shatters the Hunger Games forever - but the fight to survive is about to intensify. Mockingjay - Part 2 screens next week. (2014)
11:00 MOVIE: Family Vanished
M / a happy family returns from a holiday to find their home invaded by a family of criminals and must fight them to survive. (2018)

12:35 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
M / S5 E16 Coulson is forced to team up with surprising allies to save the world, while the S.H.I.E.L.D. team attempts to track down and rescue him.
3:30 Family Food Fight
The search is on to find Australia's top foodie family! Eight teams go head-to-Head to showcase their best home cooking. Sparks will fly and tastebuds will tingle in the Family Food Fight kitchens.
4:25 Masterstroke
4:55 Infomercials
6:30 Book Hungry Bears
Four bears named Crystal, Boomer Melody and Scout explore their paper craft world in search of a good book to read.
6:50 Maia the Brave
Join the wonderful adventures of Maia the Brave and discover the how and why of the world around us!
7:00 We Bare Bears
A group of lovable, huggable BFFs go on adventures and live that sweet Care Bear life. When a new adventure takes them to a strange new world, the bears have to lean on each other more than ever.
7:25 Beyblade Burst Rise
Valt Aoi, an elementary school student, starts practising Beyblades, spinning tops enchanted with magical spirits of different creatures, to work his way up to become a world class player.
7:50 Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
Marinette and Adrien look like regular teenagers, usually. But together they are Ladybug and Cat Noir, the heroes that protect Paris from the evil Hawk Moth!
8:15 Esme and Roy
Meet Esme & Roy! They're best friends and the best monstersitters in Monsterdale! Brought to you by the makers of Sesame Street.
8:35 Moon & Me
From the creator of Teletubbies comes a new magical adventure! Welcome to Toy House, where the toys come to life at night when the moon shines.
9:00 Infomercials
10:00 Neighbours
Sheila's guilt at her deception spirals, and Rose's attention leaves Toadie red-Faced.
10:30 Murphy Brown
Murphy (Candice Bergen) takes charge of the Presscapades dinner and wants the juiciest role for herself. with Faith Ford and Charles Kimbrough.
TV3ch 3
10:00 Newshub Nation (Encore)
Hosted by Simon Shepherd, Newshub Nation is an in-Depth weekly current affairs show focusing on the major players and forces that shape New Zealand.
11:00 The Hui Ikaroa Rawhiti Electorate Debate
New Episode. the Hui's Ikaroa Rawhiti Electorate Debate. Hosted by journalist Mihingarangi Forbes.
11:55 Sri Lanka - Precious Isle
A journey to the most beautiful regions in Sri Lanka, in the company of those who inhabit this land. All of them share passion for their and love for their land and people.

1:00 CRC Motorsport
Shaun Summerfield hosts CRC Motorsport, New Zealand's most popular motorsport show presenting motorsport action from New Zealand and around the world free to air on Three.
1:01 Mobil 1 the Grid
Mobil1 the Grid delivers the most comprehensive coverage of 4 wheel racing on television.The series gives unprecedented access to some of the sport's biggest teams.
1:30 Muscle Garage
PG Muscle Garage is a show about Kiwis and some of our very best muscle car rides! If you're into horsepower, sweet rides and muscle then this is the show for you.
1:55 Monster Jam
The three-metre tall, five-ton machines make for perfect sports-entertainment, and action-Packed viewing. This programme follows the Monster Jam USA tour.
2:50 D1NZ National Drifting Championship
The 2020 D1NZ National Drifting Championship continues to push boundaries and bring passionate car-loving Kiwis high-Octane entertainment.
3:50 MotoGP
MotoGPTM is the world's premier motorcycling championship. 2020 sees many changes in the rider market.
5:00 All New ITM Fishing
PG-L New Episode. Matt and his guest anglers, including his young son Shaw Watson, all push human endurance to the limit, in the pursuit of a truly monster swordfish. S17 Ep9

6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
7:00 MOVIE: How to Train Your Dragon 3
PG-V Premiere. to bring peace to Berk, Hiccup must stop the evil Grimmel and his devious plans to wipe out all dragons. Starring America Ferrea and Gerard Butler. (2019).
9:00 MOVIE: Blockers
16-LSC / Three parents band together to stop their daughters losing their virginities on prom night. Starring Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, and John Cena. (2018)
10:55 All New Chicago P.D.
M-VC / New Episode. When Atwater disappears at the house of a convicted felon, the intelligence unit rallies to rescue him before it's too late. S5 Ep12
11:50 Hawaii Five-O
M-VC / the Five-O team discovers a high profile cover up involving government agents. McGarrett must assume a deceased pilot's identity in order to save the man's family. S8 Ep8

12:40 Infomercials
6:00 The AM Show
Join Duncan Garner, Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson for news, the best interviews and plenty of laughs. Fast-Paced, informative and fun, it's everything you need to start your day.
9:00 The Cafe
PG Tune in for a fun, fast-Paced local lifestyle and entertainment programme with cooking and special guests daily.
10:00 Infomercials
11:30 Face the Truth
PG Brittani hates that Cyril runs to his parents anytime there's a problem in their relationship. Plus, Shannon is a hard-Working woman trying and failing to get noticed at work.
10:00 Whānau Bake Off
Join Kahurangi Maxwell for a whānau friendly kai competition. Amazing bakers share their finest recipes, tastiest dishes and most useful baking tips but who will win the whānau...
10:30 Sidewalk Karaoke
Te Hāmua hits the streets of Aotearoa in search of karaoke talent who have what it takes to win cold hard cash.
11:00 Te Tapatahi
On the weekend edition of Tapatahi we look back at some of our top stories of the week.

12:00 Te with Moana
A fresh, weekly current affairs show that examines international stories through a Māori lens, in particular the lens of Moana Maniapoto.
12:30 Funny Whare - Gamesnight
PG Stacey Morrison hosts this bilingual game show. Ani-Piki Tuari and Kimo Houltham lead tonight's contestants.
1:00 2019 Jnr National Touch Champs
Witness the best young teams in Aotearoa drawn together in Rotorua for an action packed three days of intense competition.
2:00 Valiant
A tiny wood pigeon enlists in the elite Royal Homing Pigeon Service to serve Britain, as the fearsome General Von Talon and his deadly squadron of falcons patrol the English Channel. (2005)
3:30 Pio Terei Tonight
PG Pio Terei's new talk show. Celebrities, singers, newsmakers, and high profile leaders will share their ideas & views with Pio who will add some of his usual magic along the way.
4:30 Tagata Pasifika
We sit down with National leader Judith Collins; we chat with a star of the Netflix series Last Chance U, and we look at the upcoming cannabis referendum.
5:00 Te Toa
Creates discussion around the latest sports news from a Māori perspective. Breaking down what you need to know about our Māori athletes.

6:00 Waka Huia 2019
Waka Huia is an iconic archival documentary series recording the unique stories and histories of Māori for all New Zealanders.
6:30 Te Mārama
Te Mārama - your leading Māori news provider bringing you the latest news as it happens, delivering a more inclusive approach to Māori news by connecting directly to our...
7:30 We Are Tuvalu
A group of talented film students travel to Tuvalu to teach local youth how to shoot and produce a documentary on the plight of Tuvalu.
8:30 Jirga
M / Former Australian soldier, Mike Wheeler, returns to Afghanistan, seeking redemption from the family of a civilian man he killed during the war.
10:00 Te Reo O Ngāti Wai
Made for the iwi by the iwi, an authentic collection of distinctive kōrero from around the motu. Tonight: Te reo o Ngāti Wai.
10:30 Ipukarea
A celebration of the waka, as a conduit for connecting people. We examine and explore the physical and spiritual significance of our waterways.
11:00 Te Matatini Ki Te 2019
Highlights from Te Matatini Kapa Haka Festival 2019, the world's largest kapa haka competition, held at Westpac Stadium, Wellington.
11:30 Māori Television
Māori Television specialises in the stories of Aotearoa. be entertained and informed with news, current affairs, sports, drama, documentaries and much more. Go to www.Maoritelevision...

6:30 Tākaro Tribe
An educational show for kohanga reo tamariki focusing on the Māori vowel sounds, noun usage and the spelling of base words in the Māori language.
6:50 Kia Mau!
A fun sing-along instructional multi-Platform Māori Performing Arts series for the tamariki.
7:00 Te Tapatahi
Tapatahi means to unite and is taken from the well-Known Māori song, Tūtira mai ngā iwi. We talk to decision makers, experts, mums & dads and you at home. We ask the questions that...
8:00 Takoha
Artists from around Aotearoa share stories with tamariki.
8:10 Te Nūtube
A series about two very opinionated, very loud, very clever, but most of all, very Māori cousins Atareta and Te Haakura.
8:20 Zoomoo
Join Flash, DJ Monkey, Ninja Gorilla & their friends as they explore the animal world in ways that are entertaining, interactive and enriching.
8:30 Cube
An exciting youth series & a hub for rangatahi content.
8:40 Huritua
Huritua is a bite sized DIY guide to every topic relevant to young people.
8:50 Pāia
Join Waioira and Rereahu, two rangatahi on a competitively wild journey, a seriously action-packed, adrenalin-Pumping adventure series, as they visit the most popular and fun spots in Aotea
9:00 Whānau Bake Off
Join Kahurangi Maxwell for a whānau friendly kai competition. Amazing bakers share their finest recipes, tastiest dishes and most useful baking tips but who will win the whānau...
9:30 Ōpaki
Series hosted by Pānia Papa, using a range of games, music and activities to teach te reo Māori. Join different students each week on their te reo journey.
10:00 Whakatauk
Rahui Papa discusses Māori proverbs with tribal authorities on the subject & language experts brainstorm about the benefits of these proverbs.
10:30 Whānau Living
Whānau Living focuses on Stacey Morrison's personal journey of discovery on how to balance a busy lifestyle, while being a mother of 3 young children, wife, radio and TV presenter.
PRIMEch 10
10:00 LPGA Event Highlights
Event Highlights LPGA. Cambia Portland Classic held at Columbia Edgewater Country Club, Portland, Oregon.
11:00 Australia Women vs White Ferns T20
Highlights of the 1st T20 International between Australia and New Zealand at Allan Border Field, Brisbane.

12:00 Ice Road Truckers
PG After warm temperatures close the ice roads the drivers are praying for a freeze. Once a blast of arctic air reopens the roads newbie, Steph falls victim to severe icing and winds up in a ditch.
1:00 UFC 253 Prelims Live
Join Prime for LIVE coverage of the UFC 253 Prelims. Mixed martial arts is a full contact combat sport and will contain content that some viewers may find distressing. Viewer discretion is advised.
3:00 Judge Judy
PG with her outspoken style and hard-hitting decisiveness, Judge Judy single-Handedly sorts out family disputes and misdemeanours, one case at a time.
4:00 Happy Together
PG When Cooper gives Jake and Claire an anniversary gift featuring their original wedding vows, tensions rise as they attempt to take their vows literally.
4:30 Mainfreight Rugby
Tune in to support your local team and watch rugby matches from clubs around New Zealand.

5:30 Prime News
Join the Prime News team first at 5.30pm, for all the day's top current events, sports news and to see how the weather is in your region.
6:00 Walking Britain's Lost Railways
Rob starts his journey in the steel town of Sheffield where he'll follow the old Woodhead Line through the Pennines to Manchester. Rob investigates the eerie echo of the Thurgoland Tunnel.
7:00 Storage Wars
PG the crew travel to Lake Elsinore, and run into some appraisers who caught the auction bug from Barry. the Sheets find something out of this world, but will the price tag be astronomical?
7:30 Outback Truckers
PG-L Larry Brewer is Australia's only mobile outback butcher. He works out of a custom-built, refrigerated truck in the Pilbara, WA - one of the hottest, most remote regions of the country! S7 Ep5
8:30 White House Farm
16-VLSC / Stan speaks to relatives of the murdered family, but their picture of what really happened remains inconclusive. Post-mortem examinations reveal nothing to contradict the murder-Suicide theory.
9:30 NCIS: New Orleans
M-VC / the NCIS team is given a 22-Hour deadline, when they discover the wife of a murdered counter intelligence agent is being held hostage for a ransom.
11:30 Smackdown
PG-V WWE SmackDown is an edge-of-your-Seat thrill ride for the entire family, featuring compelling characters and unmatched athleticism 52 weeks a year.

12:30 60 Minutes
PG-C Scott Pelley reports on the investigation into Malaysia Flight 17. Anderson Cooper looks into the debate on Confederate statues. Bill Whitaker speaks to the directors and cast of West Side Story.
1:30 NRL Premiership: Warriors vs Sea Eagles
Replay coverage of the NRL Premiership where the New Zealand Warriors played the Manly Sea Eagles.
3:25 Closedown
Prime's regular programming returns at 6am with the best drama, factual, lifestyle and comedy shows, plus free-to-Air sport! Check out for details.
6:00 Jeopardy
This is fast paced general knowledge at its best! Jeopardy provides a test of literature, history, science, the arts, pop culture and more. Can you keep up?
6:20 The Greats
Thomas Edison
6:25 Top Wing
Rod and Brody try to earn a Jungle Exploring badge; When some lucky students get to be cadets for a day, Top Wing and their junior cadets end up having to rescue their teacher.
6:50 Butterbean's Cafe
A fairy named Butterbean has adventures running the neighbourhood cafe with her friends, serving up healthy snacks and sweet treats to the residents in their community of Puddlebrook.
7:15 Australia Women vs White Ferns T20
Highlights of the 2nd T20 International between Australia and New Zealand at Allan Border Field, Brisbane.
8:20 Danger Mouse
Catch the adventures of Danger Mouse, the world's greatest secret agent and his hamster sidekick Penfold. Wherever there is danger, he will be there!
8:35 Batman: The Animated Series
To avenge his parent's death, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to being Batman to wipe out bad guys in Gotham City.
9:00 A Place in the Sun
The international real estate show where property experts scour the globe help house hunters find their perfect patch of paradise.
10:00 The Doctors
PG-C Featuring a panel of celebrated experts dishing all the very best expertise, the Doctors focuses on those tough medical questions in a welcoming, open forum.
11:00 The Queen Mother
This intimate two part documentary pays tribute to the late Queen Mother and her role in shaping the royal family in the 20th century, with rare archive footage and testimonies from friends and staff.
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