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Friday Jan 24
TV ONEch 1
7:30 The X Factor Celebrity
Well-Known faces with dreams of becoming superstar singers are fighting for their chance to be crowned the X Factor 2019 Champion! Tonight, the competition heats up at the first live show!
9:15 Call the Midwife Christmas Special 2019
11:15 Bad Mothers
S1 E5 This gripping and scandalous series follows five very modern women juggling issues of love, family, careers, infidelity and murder! Tonight, Bindy's quest to save Maddie has consequences.

12:10 American Crime
S3 E5 Dustin introduces Shae to the world of online sex work. After leaving her husband, Jeanette struggles to find a place to live and the means to support herself.
1:05 Te Karere
Te Karere brings you key events and stories of interest to Maori, as well as bringing a Maori perspective to the day's news and current affairs.
1:30 Infomercials
6:00 Te Karere
Te Karere brings you key events and stories of interest to Maori, as well as bringing a Maori perspective to the day's news and current affairs.
6:30 Hyundai Country Calendar
A couple develop a new business harvesting seaweed so they can achieve their dream of living in a Bay of Plenty community where jobs are scarce.
7:00 Fishing and Adventure
The boys' head to Waikawau on the Thames Coast to fish amongst the mussel farms and working barges. the barges put out an epic burley trail and the big snapper are on the bite.
7:30 Infomercials
8:00 Faith in Action
8:30 Life TV with Paul De Jong
9:00 Whanau Living
Founder of be Organics store Buffy Ellen is in the kitchen making stuffed Kumara and a Summer Fruit Tart. Mahi Makiha has great ideas for labelling storage jars.
9:30 Tagata Pasifika
Tagata Pasifika is TVNZ's flagship Pacific news show, telling the stories of Pacific Islanders and its community. Made with the support of NZ on Air.
10:00 Pacific Island Food Revolution
A joyful celebration of Pacific cuisine awaits in this brand-New cooking competition! Today, we return to Fiji where the two remaining teams must cook a quick and balanced dinner.
11:10 John & Lisa's Weekend Kitchen
Brimming with recipes, shortcuts, inspiration and tips, John Torode and Lisa Faulkner invite us into their kitchen for a morning of feel good food!

12:10 A Place to Call Home
S5 E8 the family convenes and agrees to come up with a plan to wrestle control of Ash Park from Sir Richard. Elizabeth receives news of an extraordinary nature.
1:10 Eat Well for Less
Good food doesn't have to cost a fortune. Gregg Wallace and Chris Bavin are on a mission to help families save money, sort food facts from food fiction and eat well while spending less.
2:25 Design Junkies
The challenge is set! This week the contestants must work together in pairs and transform old sporting equipment into a fun outdoor game for kids. Made with the support of NZ on Air.
3:25 Fantasy Homes By the Sea
A couple want to buy a second home on the Northumberland coast that they can use whenever they need a break, but that also has rental potential.
4:25 Embarrassing Pets
Animal experts are on hand to help desperate owners with their pets' embarrassing issues! in the practice today we meet a chihuahua whose constant barking is turning home life into a nightmare.
4:55 The Chase
It's game on as teams of complete strangers work together to win money and try and defeat the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius, who wants to leave them with nothing!

6:00 1 News
The nation's leading team of journalists brings viewers the latest news and sport, plus the most comprehensive weather report.
7:00 Hyundai Country Calendar
A woman moves from urban Brazil to a Wairarapa sheep stud to live her farming dream. She now juggles new motherhood with post-Grad study and work on the farm's breeding programme.
7:30 The X Factor Celebrity
Well-Known faces with dreams of becoming superstar singers are fighting for their chance to be crowned the X Factor 2019 Champion! Tonight, a double elimination will send two acts home.
8:00 Lotto
8:05 The X Factor Celebrity Continued
Well-Known faces with dreams of becoming superstar singers are fighting for their chance to be crowned the X Factor 2019 Champion! Tonight, a double elimination will send two acts home.
9:15 Dinner Date
Dean from Norfolk will be given five menus, each put together by a potential blind date but Dean will only be having dinner with three of them. Who will he see for seconds?
TV2ch 2
8:35 MOVIE: Jack Reacher 2
Tom Cruise is back as Jack Reacher in another action-Packed adaptation of the hit novels! When Army Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders) is framed for treason, Reacher discovers a conspiracy.
10:50 Mom
S1 E17 When Christy puts her new relationship with David ahead of her friends and family, Bonnie has to pick up the slack.
11:20 AP Bio
When budget cuts threaten to gut Whitlock and put his job in jeopardy, Jack recruits Mary, Stef and Michelle to take down the superintendent.

12:05 The Russell Howard Hour
Join the hilarious Russell Howard as he mocks the madness of the news, dissects the biggest international stories, and greets some celebrity guests along the way!
12:55 Shortland Street
Leanne gets an unexpected earful, Dawn drags Marty into the light and Phoenix plays with fire.
1:20 America's Funniest Home Videos
Witness epic fails and crazy moments as Alfonso Ribeiro presents America's Funniest Home Videos!
1:40 Infomercials
2:45 Love Island Australia
One couple gets some alone time as they sneak away from the villa for a romantic date. Plus - who's next in the firing line to get dumped from the villa?
4:50 America's Funniest Home Videos
The most hilarious home-Movie catastrophes caught on camera for your amusement.
5:10 Neighbours
Shane makes an almighty blunder; a fight throws Roxy off-Kilter; and will Kyle bounce back from his mistake?
5:35 Disney Walk the Prank
A team of practical jokesters create hilarious over-the-Top pranks for an online hidden camera show.
6:00 Takaro Tribe
This New Zealand-Made animation sees the Tākaro Tribe on a learning adventure in Te Wao Arapū (The magical Alphabet Forest), along with Pāpā Rākau (Tree father) and Kōkā (Pond Mother).
6:10 Custard's World
Dr Gloom plans to gloomify Doodle town with his Gloomsday Machine. Custard and friends are the only ones who can stop the Super-Villain's plan to rob energy from Doodle Power Station.
6:25 The Wiggles, Emma!
We're off to visit Emma's friend Emily and sing a song about the waves of the ocean. Watching the waves roll in... we could watch them all day at Wiggle Bay!
6:35 PJ Masks
Three friends transform into superheroes at night when they put on their pyjamas.
7:00 Thunderbirds Are Go!
After a rocket capsule explodes, a mining crawler breaks down causing a team to be trapped. Alan and Brains must quickly help them repair it before the sun rises and destroys the capsule.
7:20 Super Dinosaur
When Max Maximus unleashes the mega raptor on Barracks Town, Derek and Super Dynamo must work together with Earth Core to save an entire community from destruction.
7:45 Beyblade Burst Rise
Who will become the World's No 1 Blader? the fight for the top begins now!
8:10 Ninjago
The ninjas find themselves trapped in a pyramid and must escape encroaching lava to warn Ninjago City of a new Serpentine invasion!
8:35 Justice League Action
Luthor splits the Justice League into two versions -- one passive, one aggressive.
9:00 Regular Show
The daily surreal adventures of a blue jay and raccoon duo that attempt to deal with their mundane jobs as groundskeepers at the local park.
9:10 Disney Walk the Prank
Four kids pull off real pranks on unsuspecting people!
9:35 The Simpsons
S10 E11 the children of Springfield revolt after a curfew is enforced.
10:30 Mike & Molly
S6 E3 After Peg suffers a heart attack after an intense argument with Molly, Mike blames his wife, who immediately sets out to make amends.
10:55 Suburgatory
S3 E9 Dallas recruits Tessa for a trip to the South to attend her mother's funeral. Meanwhile, George, Noah and Fred go on a group date that results in a stalker for Fred.
11:25 8 Simple Rules
Bridget finds her popularity waning because of her exclusive, long distance relationship with Donny, while Kerry's social status skyrockets because of her relationship with Kyle.
11:50 Doctor Who
Who or what is sabotaging Nikola Tesla's generator plant at Niagara Falls? and has this maverick inventor really received a message from Mars?

1:00 American Housewife
Anna-Kat becomes best friends with Chloe Brown Mueller's daughter; Greg encourages Oliver to be honest with his girlfriend and not hide his passion for ballet.
1:25 Dogs Behaving Badly Make You LOL
Featuring a collection of crack-Up clips from all over the world, meet the disobedient dogs that will have you laughing out loud!
2:25 Australian Survivor
Season finale: After what has been an incredibly entertaining season, the last two contestants will head to the final Tribal Council! Who will walk away with the $500,000 & the title of Sole Survivor?
4:10 House Rules
The semi-Finals are off to a dramatic start when one contestant has a medical emergency and needs an ambulance. with a place in the grand final up for grabs, teams face their toughest challenge yet.

5:40 Spartan: New Zealand v Aus
In this adrenaline-Filled reality competition, teams from Australia and New Zealand will take on the world's toughest obstacle course! Who will win this incredible physical challenge?
7:00 MOVIE: Zootopia
In this Oscar-Winning animation, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy. with voice talent from Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman.
9:00 MOVIE: Life
Jake Gyllenhall and Ryan Reynolds star in this brilliant sci-Fi thriller! a team of scientists aboard the International Space Station make a disturbing discovery that threatens all life on Earth.
TV3ch 3
7:30 MOVIE: Keeping Up with the Joneses
A suburban couple becomes embroiled in an international espionage plot when they discover that their new neighbours are spies. Starring Gal Gadot, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, and Isla Fisher. (2016)
9:35 All New Modern Family: The Final Season
New Episode. the Dunphy house is bursting at the seams when Dylan's hippie mom moves in and Claire's lonely stepdad, Jerry, wants to pay them a visit. S11 Ep8
10:05 Newshub Late
Newshub Late is a late-Night mix of news, entertainment and pop culture.
10:35 All New American Dad
New Episode. Worried about their bickering, Stan and Francine go to extremes to save their marriage. Meanwhile, Roger discovers he excels at jingle writing.
11:00 American Dad
Stan discovers that the Langley Falls historical mural has been ruined by graffiti and neglect and convinces the town to allow him to restore the mural himself.
11:30 Fail Army
Presented by Kiwi comedians Joseph Moore and Guy Montgomery, Fail Army features funny pranks and compilations of the web's best fails, but on your TV.

12:05 Infomercials
6:00 Charles Stanley
6:30 Infomercials
9:30 Malaysia Kitchen
Alvin shares his recipe for a tangy seafood and okra curry, dishes up some delicious noodles with mushrooms and black vinegar and is joined by veteran chef, Carol Selva Rajah. S1 Ep7
10:00 Miguel's Tropical Kitchen
Set against the stunning backdrop of tropical North Queensland in breath-Taking locations, Miguel Maestre charms his way through Queensland's hot northern tropics cooking with exotic ingredients.
10:30 Survivor: Heroes V. Healers V. Hustlers
The 35th season of the American version of Survivor sees players divided into three tribes according to their dominant trait: Heroes (Courage), Healers (Helping others), and Hustlers (Tenacity).
11:30 Face Off: All Stars
In this competition/elimination series, special effects make-Up artists participate in elaborate challenges for a grand prize and the honour of being Hollywood's next great effects artist.

1:30 Drop the Mic
New Episode. the brothers of Hanson enter the battlegrounds to face Veep's hilarious Sam Richardson. and it's a duel of Shaggys when Scooby-Doo's Matthew Lillard is paired against musician Shaggy.
2:00 Fresh Off the Boat
When the gang signs up for different hobbies that Eddie deems as lame, he begins to think he needs to find cooler friends in order to make his mark in high school. S4 Ep9
3:00 All New the Goldbergs
New Episode. After Adam decides to see Willow instead of spending Mother's Day with Beverly, he must find a way to get back into her good graces. S6 Ep22
3:30 Celebrity Name Game
It's the popular American game show that involves celebrity guests teaming up with contestants in order to try and guess the correct identities of famous names.
4:00 Survivor: David v Goliath
New Episode. One tribe brings balance to its game with an immunity win, and an early romance paints a target on two castaways' backs. S37 Ep2
4:55 Grand Designs UK
Final. Kevin McCloud returns to Devon to meet Kevin McCabe, the man who wanted to build one of the biggest houses Grand Designs has ever seen - mostly out of mud.

6:00 Newshub Live
Newshub Live at 6pm presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
7:00 Movie: Monsters v Aliens
When aliens disrupt earthbound television signals, it's up to a monster-Hunting superhero to take out the extraterrestrials and ensure that television viewers are not deprived in this animated movie.
8:50 MOVIE: Split
Three girls are kidnapped by a man with a diagnosed 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape before the apparent emergence of a frightful new 24th. Starring James McAvoy. (2016)
11:05 MOVIE: Until We Are Safe
A woman fleeing an abusive husband with her young son, Kipp, finds herself on the wrong side of the law when her husband reports Kipp's disappearance as an abduction. Starring Tara Buck. (2016)
8:30 Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason
(AO) After finding love, Bridget Jones questions if she really has everything she's dreamed of having. (2004) (RP)
10:30 Ngā Pari Kārangaranga
Made for the iwi by the iwi, an authentic collection of distinctive kōrero from around the motu. Tonight: Ngā Whetu o te Kohu.
11:00 Te - Māori News
Te - your leading Māori news provider bringing you the latest news as it happens, delivering a more inclusive approach to Māori news by connecting directly to our communities, Te Māori.
11:30 Māori Television
Māori Television specialises in the stories of Aotearoa. be entertained and informed with news, current affairs, sports, drama, documentaries and much more. Go to for more inf

6:30 Waiata Mai
Our four loveable puppet baby birds in Te Wao Nui o Tāne have gathered in the forest to learn and play. What waiata will we sing today?
6:40 My Mōkai
A fun after school childrens series about our relationship with animals.
7:10 Huhu
Huhu is a fun and light hearted puppet series for tamariki where an inquisitive and chatty book grub reads te reo Māori books with his friend, Pai.
7:20 He Rourou
An instructional cooking series aimed at tamariki and whānau.
7:30 Pōtae Pai
Join Krystal-Lee as she shows us how to do fun-Filled arts and crafts for kids. (RP)
7:40 Kāinga Whakapaipai
Join Ratema and Makurata on an action-packed journey of self-Discovery, learning new techniques and practises to fulfil their daily household chores.
7:50 ASB Polyfest 2018
Highlights from the 2018 ASB Polyfest, the largest secondary school Polynesian festival in the world, which attracts 9000 performers and 80,000 spectators.
8:20 Huritua
Huritua is a bite sized DIY guide to every topic relevant to young people.
8:30 Pūkana
Award-Winning children's Māori language show Pūkana, bringing laughter and fun to children in New Zealand and around the world.
10:00 Swagger
A series that encourages taiohi teens toward positive and meaningful social interaction, utilising the latest Smartphone technology.
10:30 Celebrity Playlist
Features some of New Zealand's most famous faces sharing stories and their favourite music videos. (FINAL)
11:00 School of Training
A fitness competition show like no other. Actor and owner of Ludus Magnus gym, Joe Naufahu is on the hunt for the best undiscovered Personal Trainer in Aotearoa.
11:30 City Slickers Rodeo
Six urban youths are sent to a rodeo boot camp to learn the rough and tough sport of rodeo from some of New Zealand's best Cowboys.

12:00 Waka Ama National Sprints 2020
Extensive coverage of the 2020 Waka Ama Sprint Nationals from Lake Karapiro including behind the scenes stories and profiles.
1:00 Haati Grassroots Rugby
Haati Grassroots Rugby follows Club Rugby Teams across Aotearoa, with a focus on Māori Teams. (FINAL)
2:00 Schick Poitūkohu Kura Tuarua 2017
Coverage of the 2017 Secondary Schools Basketball Nationals.
3:00 The Pits TV
Speedway racing from tracks around New Zealand - covering multiple classes.
4:00 Tangaroa with Pio
Pio Terei explores the domain of Tangaroa in fun-Filled fishing expeditions around Aotearoa.
4:30 Ka Tū Ka Kōrero
An entertaining series hosted by world-Renowned toastmaster Kingi Biddle, who helps people overcome their fear of public speaking. (FINAL)
5:00 My Country Song
Hosted by country music legend Dennis Marsh and NZ Gold Guitar winner Saelyn Guyton, My Country Song provides a platform for musicians to showcase their talent.

5:30 Ngā Tāngata Taumata Rau
Presented by Mere McLean, speakers of Ngāi Tūhoe share in true life accounts. They offer their lifes perspective in a dialect unique unto Tuhoe - Ngā Tamariki o te Kohu.
6:30 Te - Māori News
Te - your leading Māori news provider bringing you the latest news as it happens, delivering a more inclusive approach to Māori news by connecting directly to our communities, Te Māori.
7:00 Mr Bean's Holiday
Mr. Bean wins a trip to Cannes, where he unwittingly separates a young boy from his father and he must help the two come back together again. (2007) (RP)
8:35 Macarthur
A biopic of General Douglas MacArthur, covering his war exploits during WW2 and the Korean War. (RP)
11:00 Te - Māori News
Te - your leading Māori news provider bringing you the latest news as it happens, delivering a more inclusive approach to Māori news by connecting directly to our communities, Te Māori.
PRIMEch 10
7:30 Blackcaps vs India T20 Live
Join Sky Sport as we bring you LIVE coverage of the 1st T20 International between the Blackcaps and India from Eden Park.
11:00 Raw
Catch the weekly in-Ring action, unpredictable drama, and ongoing storylines between the Superstars of WWE's flagship show RAW.

12:00 Australian Open Highlights
Tune in to catch the Australian Open Tennis Day 4 highlights.
1:10 Hyundai A-League Highlights
Join us for highlights as the Wellington Phoenix face off against the Newcastle Jets.
1:40 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Join Stephen Colbert and his eclectic mix of guests for a satirical and comedic take on what's new and relevant in the worlds of politics, entertainment, business, music, technology and more.
2:40 Closedown
Prime's regular programming returns at 6am with the best drama, factual, lifestyle and comedy shows, plus free-to-Air sport! Check out for details.
6:00 Ben 10
Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch that can transform him into ten spectacular aliens. with this newfound power, Ben, Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen beat down villains and help out others.
6:25 Batman: Brave and the Bold
Batman isn't going it alone this time! Teaming up with other heroes from the DC universe, they deliver nonstop action and adventure in their quest to uphold justice.
6:50 Max Steel
Join the high-octane adventures of earth bound teenager Maxwell McGrath, and his out-of-this-World friend Steel, as they come together to create the world's greatest superhero, Max Steel!
7:15 Henry Danger
13-year-Old Henry Hart finds himself helping Captain Man as his sidekick, keeping the secret from his family and friends.
7:40 Legion of Super Heroes
A group of emerging superheroes band together with a young superman to defend the rights of the free worlds and uphold the laws, that is if they don't kill each other first.
8:05 Teen Titans
Join the Teen Titans as they fight for truth, justice and the last slice of pizza. Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy are living proof that you're never too young to save the planet.
8:30 Batman: The Animated Series
To avenge his parent's death, Bruce Wayne devotes his life to being Batman to wipe out bad guys in Gotham City.
8:55 The Greats
Edmund Hillary
9:00 The Moe Show
In the Coromandel, on top of Mt Moehau, lives a furry monster by the name of Moe! Follow his adventures around New Zealand as he makes new discoveries everywhere he goes.
9:15 The Greats
Earvin Magic Johnson
9:20 HSBC World Ruby Sevens: Hamilton Live
Join Sky Sport for LIVE coverage of day 1 of the HSBC Sevens from Waikato Stadium in Hamilton.

9:00 Driving High
Presented by Matt Heath, this NZ Drug Foundation funded documentary puts aside the moral outrage and the criminality of driving high after smoking marijuana and takes a look at the actual evidence.
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